Researchers and Technical Employees (RX/TX): Comprehensive Summary and TA Articles

CCL: retain current contract language

Article 1: Access
Current contract language (CCL) with few language clarifications.

Article 2: Agreement
CCL with new effective date.

Article 3: Arbitration
New language of electronic filing of appeals to arbitration and updated Arbitrtor’s list.

Article 4: University Benefits

Health and Welfare:

  • The 2014 plans and rates effective January 2014.
  • Cap monthly employee contribution increases at $25 per month for Kaiser and Health Net Blue and Gold for each year of the agreement (up to $300 per year).
  • Waivers for all other plans for 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • Meet and discuss regarding other changes for life of contract.
  • Any employee in a UCRP eligible position as of the date of ratification will be grandfathered for the purpose of determining retiree health care program eligibility (eliminate the “rule of 50” or those not vested).
  • New Graduated Retiree Health eligibility for new hires after date of ratification.


  • New hires to be provided 2013 tier benefits except that the benefit formula shall be the 1976 tier benefit (0.5% at age 60, retirement range ages 50 to 60 years) and lump sum cash out. All UCRP-eligible employees (both new and current employees) contribute as follows:
    • 8% (current  5% + 1.5% for retro 7/1/2013 rates + 1.5% to get to 8% rate going forward) effective 1/1/2014.
    • A $100 lump sum (to help defray retro payments).
    • 9% (8% plus additional 1% to keep 1976 one tier pension) UCRP contribution effective July 1, 2014.
    • New hires since July 1, 2013 will not be eligible for inactive COLA (for those who leave UC before retiring) and supplemental UC contribution for survivor benefits.

  • Side Letter regarding discussions and possible implementation of a retiree healthcare trust fund for 2016.

  • Meet and discuss regarding other changes for the life of the contract.

Article 5:  Campus/Laboratory Closures
No changes to CCL

Article 6:  Compensation - RX | TX | LBNL
January 1, 2014 –  4% general wage increase for all locations and all job classifications.
October 1, 2014 – 3% general wage increase for all locations and all job classifications.
October 1, 2015 – 3% general wage increase for all locations and all job classifications.
October 1, 2016 – 3% general wage increase for all locations and all job classifications.

Article 7: Corrective Action; Discipline and Dismissal - RX | TX
CCL with few minor language changes.

Article 8: Development and Training - RX | TX

Article 9: Duration of Agreement - RX | TX
Language clean up.

Article 10: Grievance Procedure
New language on electronic filing of grievances.

Article 11:  Health and Safety

Article 12: Holidays - RX | TX
CCL with some language clean up.

Article 13: Hours of Work - RX | TX
CCL with some language clean up.

Article 14: Indemnification
CCL (not opened)

Article 15: Labor-Management Meetings
Add “staffing” to items that may be discussed at labor/management meetings.

Article 16: Layoff and Reduction in Time

Article 17: Leaves for Union Business
CCL with language clean up.

Article 18: Leaves for Absence
Total reorganization of article.  See UC’s explanation of the changes.
Also ability to use SL for baby bonding and organ donations.

Article 19: Management Rights

Article 20: Medical Separation

Article 21:  Military Leave
Add new language: 30 days or more.

Article 22:  Moving Expenses

Article 23:  Multiple Appointments

Article 24: No Strikes

Article 25: Nondiscrimination in Employment
CCL plus new provisions to include: gender, pregnancy, childbirth, medical conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, and medical conditions related to breastfeeding, gender expression, and union affiliation.  In addition: service in the uniformed services (including service in the uniformed services as defined by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act of 1994 (USERRA), as well as state military and naval service.

Article 26: Out of Class Pay/temporary Assignment

Article 27: Parking
CCL with language cleanup. 

Article 28: Payroll Deduction
Clean up language.

Article 29: Performance Evaluation
CCL with language cleanup. 

Article 30: Personnel Files

Article 31: Positions/Appointments
CCL with some language cleanup.

Article 32: Probationary Period

Article 33: Reasonable Accommodation

Article 34: Release Time for Bargaining
CCL with some language cleanup.

Article 35: Resignation/Job Abandonment
UC must provide final payment within 15 calendars of termination (from 72 hours).  Cleanup language elsewhere.

Article 36: Respectful and Fair Treatment

Article 37: Severability
CCL (not opened)

Article 38: Shift Differential - RX | TX
CCL with some language cleanup.

Article 39: Sick Leave
CCL.  No Paid Time Off.

Article 40: Subcontracting

Article 41: Transfer/Promotion/Reclassification

Article 42: Travel Reimbursements
CCL (not opened)

Article 43: Vacation

Article 44: Waiver

Article 45: Work Incurred Injury or Illness

Article 46: Work Rules

Article 47: Uniforms

Appendix/Side Letter


Side Letters:

*Side Letter on Per Diems and the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) because new federal law will be taking effect
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