logo University Professional & Technical Employees at LBNL, Local 184

Technical Employees (TX)
Research Professionals (RX)
Health Care Professionals (HX)
Administrative Professionals (AP/99)

Our goal is to build strength through employee involvement and membership in order to negotiate effectively, improve the quality of our work lives, and improve UC as a research and educational institution.

LBNL Office:
510.704.8783 | 510.704.8065 (fax) | P.O. Box 4247, Berkeley, CA 94704

Local 184 Executive Board:
The Executive Board (e-board) is comprised of members from LBNL, who meet monthly to conduct union business (such as plan upcoming trainings, review grievances, and plan expenditures of the local and many more items).

General Membership Meetings

Meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month at noon. Location will be provided in monthly meeting announcements.

Who's Covered by UPTE?

UPTE is comprised of UC employees at each of the UC campuses in the TX, RX, HX, and 99 units. The University of California and the California State Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) determined these four units in 1984.

Unit Job Titles Size History Contract of Policy for Unit can be found at:
Technical Employees (TX) Lab Assistants, Computer Resource Specialists, Electronics Techs., Dev Technicians, etc.


135 at LBNL

Voted for representation in Nov. ’94: latest three year contract expired June 2008 UPTE/UC TX Contract
Research Professionals (RX) Staff Research Associates, Museum Scientists, Marine Technicians, etc.


167 at LBNL

Voted for representation in Sept. ’96; latest three year contract expired June 2008 UPTE/UC RX Contract
Health Care Professionals (HX) Clinical Lab Techs, Pharmacists, Social workers, etc.


Voted for representation in Sept. ’97; latest three year contract expired June 2009 UPTE/UC HX Contract
Administrative Professionals (AP/99) Programmer Analysts, Student Affairs Officers, Admin. Specialists, Community Health, etc.


Currently organizing: many have joined UPTE and are advocating wage reform PPSM


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