UPTE Los Alamos Reporter

February 2015
Published by University Professional & Technical Employees (UPTE) Local 1663

It’s time for evaluations. These should be used as a tool for the good of both the employer and the employee. They allow management to see where improvements need to be made. They allow employees to see where they need to improve.  When management uses an evaluation as a form of discipline and in some cases discrimination and termination, it creates distrust. Many of us have experienced the evaluation process in a very negative way and see evaluations to be fraudulent and dishonest.  

As mentioned in the last UPTE Los Alamos Reporter, some believe that the evaluation process has become corrupted under LANS management because of profit sharing, which rewards managers and their bank accounts. There have been complaints that managers have been instructed to evaluate on a quota system in order to deny as many people wage increases as possible. This year, management was instructed to have employees write up work goals that would be measureable at midterm and at the end of the performance period. 

Remember, all employees have the right to dispute their evaluations. Also, all employees have the right to have a witness at their evaluation, and the best way to do that is with an UPTE steward. Having a steward there usually puts management on its best behavior. Please call 505-603-9034 or email Richard Espinosa to be connected with a union steward.

This story from National Public Radio has information regarding evaluations and why they often don’t work.

Over the last few months, we have been getting questions about the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), a federal law. Some employees have been denied FMLA in their request to take care of loved ones, and in some cases employees have been terminated while on FMLA. There also have been complaints of low evaluations while on FMLA and then termination, or employees having to choose between their jobs or being with their ailing loved ones.

For information regarding FMLA rights, contact the US Department of Labor.

If you have been denied FMLA, or have been terminated while on FMLA, we would like to hear your story. Please call 505-603-9034 or email Richard Espinosa.

UPTE has been very successful protecting workers’ right at LANL. To continue to protect workers’ rights we need to grow our union. Strength in resources and numbers will give us the means and clout to be more effective.

We have working groups formed for organizing, legislative efforts, as well as stewarding. We need everyone’s help with these committees. If you wish to volunteer on these committees, it is usually only two to three hours a month. Sometimes it is phone banking employees and members or just being involved with a committee think tank. The more people that are involved adding their thoughts, the more effectively our union is in improving our employment at the lab.


  • Membership in UPTE builds a stronger union.
  • Puts legislative pressure on our employee in Washington DC, Santa Fe and Sacramento with our national union, the Communications Workers of America (CWA).
  • Conducts media campaigns criticizing unaccountable management decisions.
  • Pressures the University of California through our statewide organization.
  • Trains stewards who help your co-workers with work place problems.

Join UPTE today and make us an even more effective organization for workplace fairness and safety.

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