UPTE Los Alamos Reporter

June 2015
Published by University Professional & Technical Employees (UPTE) Local 1663

Recap of De-Privatization Public Forum
First committee meeting 6/30 at 127 Eastgate Dr. in conference room at 6 pm

Know Your Rights Training
UPTE will be hosting a Know Your Rights Training on June 16, 2015 at our office on 127 Eastgate Dr. in the conference room.  The first session will start at 4 pm and second at 6 pm.

  • The purpose is to train all workers about their rights under current employment law.
  • The training will help those that have issues with evaluations, and Family Medical Leave Act issues
  • This training will help you know your rights about union organizing. 
  • Training will help our current officers and stewards with Duty of Fair Representation responsibilities.
  • For those who want to become stewards or union officers, a great way is to learn current labor laws.

In the last LANL newsletter, we wrote about evaluations. There were many people who contacted the union about their evaluation process. If you received a negative evaluation it is not too late to act; you have the right to dispute any allegations using the employee comments. If you were unable to have the right to have a peer witness or an UPTE steward at the evaluation, you still have the right to have your comments submitted and attached to the evaluation. Put your comments in writing and submit them to Labor Relations.

REMEMBER: all employees have the right to dispute their evaluations and have their comments submitted. If you need help, please call 505-603-9034 or email respinosa@upte-cwa.org to be connected with a union steward.

There has been a clear pattern of management abuse on FMLA – the Family Medical Leave Act, which entitles workers to time off to care of loved ones. Recently, there have been a lot of calls and emails regarding being denied FMLA and in some cases employees were terminated while on FMLA. The most heart-breaking story was a father took off to take care of his son who was wounded in Iraq. When he returned to work he received a low evaluation because of his time off on FMLA. Some others were terminated when they came back to work because they were given low evaluations while on FMLA. No one should have to choose between their jobs or being with their ailing loved ones.

In some of these cases of termination it is too late to file grievances, but it is not too late to file a complaint with the federal Department of Labor. The federal Department of Labor time to file is one year from the incident, and depending on the issue, they can extend that time.

For information regarding FMLA, please contact the Department of Labor.

A special thanks to those who shared their stories with us. Remember FMLA is the law and if you need help please don’t hesitate to call the union at 505-603-9034 or e-mail respinosa@upte-cwa.org

Stop work for safety!
As you are likely aware, there has been an accident at an electrical substation that has injured nine electricians. This reminds us all how dangerous our jobs can be at LANL. Safety must be our first priority. Our prayers go out to these workers and their families as they recover from their injuries. If you ever had a safety concern that was ignored or your specific issue was not addressed, or if you have been disciplined or given a low evaluation because you raised a safety concern we would love to hear your story.  You can call Richard Espinosa at 505-603-9034 or e-mail at respinosa@upte-cwa.org

UPTE LANL, 127 Eastgate Drive, Suite 212, Los Alamos, NM 87544 
For additional information contact the UPTE office at 505-603-9034