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UPTE-UCLA Local 2 is the University Professional & Technical Employees at the University of California at Los Angeles.  Our organization, now in its 27th year, is a democratic and member-run union made up entirely of UC employees.  Decisions are made by UPTE members and their elected representatives. Our success is due to the high level of activism among our members.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns suggestions or workplace issues.

You can also learn more about UPTE, and find out how UPTE and its members work to make a better UC with the UPTE Difference.

What's New:
  • Mr. Peanut is back! UC's idea of a cost of living increase is 2%. Federal stats show SoCal inflation and wages actually are increasing 3%. Read about UC's attempt to shortchange us here. The facts on inflation are at The Bureau of Labor Statistics and The Daily Breeze
  • Congress and the White House also are reaching into our pockets. Two Congressional analyses show the Senate's tax proposal would raise taxes on the average filer making under $75K/yr here and here. Who benefits? Two-thirds of tax cuts passed by the House of Representatives go to corporations!
  • The White House insists $1 billion in corporate tax cuts magically will "trickle down" to all workers as $4,000 in additional annual salary. So says Gary Cohn, President Trump's lead economic advisor. Who to believe? Keep in mind that Mr. Cohn was CEO of Goldman Sachs, which defrauded investors during the subprime mortgage crisis that caused an economic Recession. UPTE's parent union, Communication Workers of America, will believe in their magic money when we get a written guarantee.
  • They (congress) are also after university funding and retirements. Give Congress a piece of your mind before they give us a lump of coal for the holidays at this page.
  • This UPTE-UCLA Local 2 Website!  Please look at the new pages and tell us what you think by emailing the address below.

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