UPTE Bargaining Update #4

Your UPTE bargaining team met with UC at the San Diego campus on July 24th and 25th to continue negotiations. We continue to bargain in good faith, while UC does the opposite. In fact, UC is wasting considerable time with regressive takeaways even though the University violated the law and the parties' ground rules when it made these proposals.  Yet UC continues to propose the removal of limits on increases in health insurance and parking - even your right to be paid for bargaining time.

 San Diego members standing #UPTEStrong to support UPTE bargainers.
San Diego members standing #UPTEStrong to support UPTE bargainers. 

We have overcome UC's bad faith conduct before and will do so again it with multi-faceted pressure. Just like in past years, UPTE has been forced to ask PERB (a California state agency) to issue a complaint against the University for its bargaining conduct.  PERB has done so before and we are confident it will do so again we also know that legal processes are slow and that pressure from our members and allies will help speed us along to a fair contract.


Members of the UCSD local showed up to both bargaining sessions and expressed their solidarity with our bargaining team and strongly encouraged UC to protect our pension, provide a living wage, and honor the hard work that members do in support of students, faculty and the stated mission of the UC system. Members reminded UC that they lose exceptional candidates due to below market wages and declining benefits. Members also called out the pay inequities that unrepresented staff face as loyal UC employees and challenged UC to correct this and treat members fairly.


Although UC has accused UPTE dragging our feet, they have yet to respond to the vast majority of our proposals. UC has not presented any wage proposal, but continues demanding that we pass ours first. They claim to want to "lock in good wages and benefits" but have rejected UPTE's proposals to improve workplace health and safety, job security, and benefits. Although UC claims to want to work with us, they continue to demonstrate an unwillingness to make any changes to their proposals and seem only interested in having total authority over our livelihoods. They call our proposals "unworkable" and "problematic." We will continue to fight for our members' right to have a safe work environment, job security, and increased benefits.


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