UPTE Bargaining Update #5

UPTE Bargaining at UCSF
On the week of August 14, UPTE's combined health care (HX), researcher (RX), and technical (TX) bargaining teams met for 4 days at UCSF to begin HX bargaining and continue RX/TX bargaining. We've been pushing to combine bargaining for all 3 units for efficiency's sake, to align the content of the 3 contracts, and to build solidarity between all UPTE members. UC has said that it will consider this proposal now that bargaining has begun for all 3 contracts.

During the first 2 days at UCSF, UPTE presented the majority of our HX proposals, while UC presented none. Dozens of dedicated UCSF union members joined us on both days to express their dismay over unequal, under-market pay in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

During the following 2 days, UPTE presented its RX/TX compensation proposal -- including across-the-board raises, longevity step increases, and equity increases for specific titles. UCSF UPTE members rallied with the bargaining team at lunch on Wednesday to show their solidarity.

UPTE Bargaining at UC Irvine
Last week at UC Irvine, management came to the table with an insulting and inadequate compensation proposal, offering no step increases and no acknowledgment of staff whose titles are being paid less than market wages. In an effort to end bargaining and settle the contract in the next 7 days, UC reps offered this as part of a "comprehensive proposal" to accept all of their contract changes – changes that were laced with takeaways undermining existing protections and benefits.

UPTE rejects UC's attempt at regressive bargaining. UPTE's team considers this comprehensive proposal a waste of our time and continues to demand that UC bargain in good faith. UC should honor the existing contract and not chip away at the protections and benefits that have already been won in previous bargaining. 

Moving Forward
Our contracts are set to expire at the end of September and October, respectively, and we are eagerly awaiting serious responses to many of our proposals that would maintain benefits without increasing costs, as well as improving health, safety, and job security. If UC provides reasonable proposals our team can agree to, then UPTE will be happy to bring a tentative agreement before our membership for a ratification vote.

On August 30th and 31st, HX bargaining continues at UC Davis at the Sacramento Medical Center. We invite all members to join us and share your stories and your concerns with the UC team.

Upcoming Bargaining Dates:

  • UC Merced, September 6-7 (RX/TX)

  • UC Santa Barbara, September 19-20 (RX/TX)

  • UC Los Angeles, September 21-22 (HX)

  • UC Berkeley, September 25-26 (RX/TX)

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