UPTE Bargaining Update #7

UC Chancellors given higher wage increase than workers

UPTE’s elected RX/TX bargaining team met with UC representatives to continue contract negotiations at UC Santa Barbara September 19-20th.

As UC management offers 2% wage increases to UPTE members, while the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the UC regents approved a 3% salary increase to 8 chancellors. “That undermines the university’s front line workers in order to inflate executive pay,” said Dan Russell, an UPTE bargaining rep and an IT worker at UC Berkeley.  See SF Chronicle link below.

UC has not responded to any of the market equity adjustments UPTE is demanding for critically underpaid titles making a compensation response to their proposal near impossible.

Contract expires end of this month
UPTE rejected an extension of the RX/TX contract, which will expire on September 30. With no benefit to members, opting for “status quo” protects members rights and puts more pressure on UC to settle a new contract. Management rights to make workplace changes are gone and all contractual terms and conditions of employment must remain in effect, exactly as they were. If UC wants to make any changes, they must bargain them with the union.

What to watch for
If management tries to make changes in any of your terms and conditions, notify UPTE-CWA promptly so that we can file Unfair Labor Charges (ULPs) against UC.

These ULP charges are very important and can be used as leverage at negotiations or as a basis for a strike should it be necessary to get a fair contract. Be on the lookout for any workplace changes. While it is impossible to describe every possible change that is unlawful during the status quo period, here’s a list of examples. Contact your local UPTE rep if any of these appear in your workplace:

• New or changed work rules or policies (includes dress codes, attendance policies, email policies, discipline policies, etc.)
• New or changed performance standards
• New or changed parking and transportation rates (including vanpool rates or elimination of free parking)
• Reclassifications
• Changes in layoff units
• Reorganizations (may include layoffs, subcontracting, changes in who is performing the work,  changes in work locations, changes in job descriptions or duties, and changes in the method and manner of performing work)
• Creation of new positions
• Changes related to floaters or limited-term employees
• Changes in schedules, hours of work, breaks holidays, etc.
• Changes in workload
• Changes in job duties/descriptions, or job titles
• Changes in work location
• Transfers of work out of the bargaining unit
• Unit modifications
• Installation of surveillance cameras or other similar equipment
• Changes in the method or manner (or amount) of pay
• Changes in health benefits, retirement benefits, types of leave available, domestic partner rights, or any other changes in fringe benefits
• Changes in access rights, union leave rights, or any other rights
• Any formal or informal announced or unannounced change in any policy, whether or not the original policy was formal, informal announced or unannounced
• Retaliation for union activity
• Refusing the union access to members

UPTE will need actual documentation of the status quo change, so please forward any documentation (emails, memos, meeting notes, etc.) you get to the union. Please note: don’t refuse to do the work or make the change, even if it may well be a status quo violation. Just contact your UPTE rep immediately.←-

“Rural campus” is an urban legend
During the latest UCSB bargaining sessions, UPTE members testified at the bargaining table about their frustrations with low wages, inability to achieve work/life balance with long commutes, and difficulty in hiring and retaining experienced staff with undermarket wages and decreasing benefits.

UCSB management has told many UPTE members that their wages are lower than at other UC campuses since the campus is designated a “rural campus.” UC management addressed this issue by admitting there was no such designation and that it could find “nothing in writing” to support the rationale for lower wages at UCSB and UCSC as compared to other campuses.

So next time you hear a supervisor, manager, or administrator attribute below-market wages to your campus being “rural,” please inform them they are propagating false information because UC management agreed at the bargaining table there is no documentation to support it.

A necessary ingredient: YOU!
Show support for a better contract and market wages at future RX/TX  Bargaining Dates:

  1. September 25-26, UC Riverside

  2. October 19-20, UC Berkeley

(Locations subject to change based on conference room availability)

UPTE bargaining representatives continue to work to improve contract language, align all contract language with existing UC negotiated contracts and maintain employee protections and benefits.  UC continues to to come to the table with incomplete representation from all UC campuses.  UPTE expects UC to provide representatives from all campuses at each session, and participate and bargain in good faith for the remainder of the bargaining sessions.

Visit our UPTE website (http://upte.org) for updated information and our UPTE-CWA  Facebook page for videos from our bargaining sessions. → www.facebook.com/UPTECWA


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