Urgent Health Benefits Information and Action - Don't Delay

Changes that affect you:

  1. Health Net is increasing in cost by 50% to 275%! Many of our members face the difficult choice of doubling their monthly premium or switching doctors for themselves and their families.

  2. Blue Cross Plus is increasing in cost by 50% or more.

You can take 2 simple actions to push back these increases:

  1. Fill in the confidential survey below. We need your story to convince UC that this dramatic shift hurts our members and is unfair. We will deliver the results to Chancellors and other UC administrators so we can show how these changes impact our lives.

  2. Send this protest email to UC's head of human resources.
Your health plan:

Your provider network:

Who is insured:
How much will your premiums increase (if you know)?

Please describe how this change affects you?
What impact would changing doctors have on you (and you family)? Please be specific.

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