All Member Statewide Action: Wednesday, January 14th
Tell UC we won’t accept a raise of 0%.
We are asking all UPTE members to call UC president Mark Yudof on Wednesday, January 14th. Let him know we won’t accept the 0% raise UC offered research and technical employees last week. And they’re asking to take more out of our pay for the retirement plan on top of that.
Call UC President Yudof at (510) 987-9076

If you can’t get through, call the UC
Administrator in charge of staff working conditions:
Lynn Boland at (510) 987-0253

Use your own words tell them:

“Hi my name is ___ and I work as a ___ at UC _____________.  I’m calling to express my disagreement with the wage proposal UC gave to UPTE for 0% for three years with likely pay cuts to fund the pension plan. I deserve a raise. I find it hard to believe that we have waited for 10 months and that is all you can put on the table. Tens of thousands of other UC employees have gotten raises. A small fraction of TX and RX employees are on state funds. Tell your negotiators to agree to raises."

Please email right after you call and let us know you tried to reach Yudof.
This helps us measure our impact.

Next Action: We are planning further actions on every campus. Talk to your leadership, zone contacts and UPTE staff for more information.

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