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Election 2017: A message from Dan Russell

I joined UPTE to organize a new unit of 20,000 Administrative Professionals and saw firsthand how the current President’s organizing methods failed ‘APs’ for more than a decade, at the cost of millions of dollars of your dues.

Now a part of the Technical unit - thanks to the efforts of Jamie McDole and Joaquin Chavez - I am running for EVP because I have seen those methods fail my IT colleagues and the rest of our members.

The current President badly missed benchmarks set by UPTE’s 2017 convention for organizing new members. Instead of changing course, he advocated the same strategy at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars while laying off vital administrative staff!

Your vote for Jamie and me will usher in a new era of accountability in UPTE. If we want to survive as a union, we have to start talking - and listening - to every one of our members and making us all part of a plan to win the things that we need to survive in California.

Stronger unions are surviving and thriving. UPTE will only do so with your help - and with new leadership.
In Solidarity,
Dan Russell




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