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Election 2017: Another message from Jamie McDole

You have a CHOICE in this election.

Jamie McDole for President
Dan Russell for Executive Vice President
Shanna Vela for Treasurer
Joaquin Chavez for Vice President
Fernando Martinez for Secretary

UPTE RX and TX members did not receive step increases in the 2013-2017 contract, leaving them 8% behind their brothers and sisters in UPTE HX, CNA, and AFSCME - all who received step increases.

UC is once again trying to deny RX and TX step increases while offering HX a 0% cost-of-living increase. Do you want to stick with the same leadership that failed so many of us in the last round of negotiations?

The current President has resorted to questioning our experience and making vague, baseless accusations because he can't rely on his record over the last 4 years. Just as in the past UPTE needs new leadership and new ideas to make strides forward.

A New Vision won’t settle mediocre contracts; we’ll fight and win strong contracts with cost of living raises, longevity steps, market equity, and clearer overtime language. We won’t trade these away for an empty promise like the current President did with the Retiree Healthcare Committee.

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UPTE-CWA 9119  |  P.O. Box 4443, Berkeley, CA 94704 | 510.704.8783  |  info@upte-cwa.org