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Election 2017: Another message from Jamie McDole

You have a CHOICE!
A New Vision for UPTE

Jamie McDole for President
Dan Russell for Executive Vice President
Shanna Vela for Treasurer

Brothers and Sisters,

The election that begins today will determine the quality of the contracts we get in the coming months - and whether they could be our last. We are running because a critical change is needed in our union. Only 60% of our represented units are members and only 25% of our UC units have been even minimally engaged with bargaining our new contracts.

The coming Janus vs AFSCME Supreme Court case will further weaken our union by depleting our resources and power if we don’t change course. Our current President has been in office for more than 20 years and has had his chance - and failed - to make this union stronger. Moreover, he has isolated himself from the new generation of leaders we represent.

We need your help to develop a new model of communication, education, and leadership development in every workplace over the coming months and years. Today, we need you to vote for us and encourage your co-workers to vote.

In Solidarity,
Jamie, Dan, Shanna, Fernando, and Joaquin

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