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Election 2017: Another message from Jamie McDole

Vote Jamie McDole for President

When I joined UPTE in Davis most meetings were myself and 2 other people. Under my leadership they increased to 50-60 strong, membership has grown, the local board came alive, and more members have become involved. I’ve successfully fought detrimental Labor Relations policy changes as well as won major equity raises.

Three years ago, I stepped up to Statewide Vice President. I have challenged the current President and pushed to organize more strategically through individual job titles inclusions. I have independently researched and won market wages and equity increases for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists. I have fought to involve UPTE in our national union, from which the current leader has isolated us.

Unanimously elected as Chief Bargainer for all 3 UC contracts, I coordinate the bargaining team, developing proposals and involve everyone in deciding how to proceed. I was a bargainer for the last HX contract and worked hard for many improvements which were given away by the current President without the input of the bargaining team.

As your new President I will continue to stand up to UC, not by myself but standing with each of you.

In Solidarity,
Jamie McDole




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