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Election 2017: A message from Jelger Kalmijn


UPTE Strong and United

Election For Our Future: Bargaining and Organizing

  • Our challenges: Critical bargaining and anti-union politics
  • Now we need leaders with proven organizing
  • Our solution: UPTE leaders working together for all members

Jelger Kalmijn, President
Proven leadership with results”

  • Responsible for bargaining of all groundbreaking UPTE contracts
  • Organized thousands of new members from TX, RX, HX, Community Colleges, and DOE labs to increase membership to record levels
  • Supports organizing the unorganized
  • Coordinated support and collaboration from our national union and other UC unions
  • Promotes member education, transparency, and participation

Steve Balke, Executive Vice-President

  • Organized and leads UPTE skilled trades at Livermore National Lab
  • Working to return the Livermore and Los Alamos labs to research missions
  • Private sector labor law experience
  • Systemwide Executive Board member

Shanna Vela, Treasurer

  • Experience managing UPTE’s complex finances
  • Community college UPTE leader

We also support the following unopposed and appointed leaders:

  • Joaquin Chavez, Vice President: Leader at Davis creatively increasing activism
  • Fernando Martinez, Recording Secretary: New leader in LA bringing previous union experience
  • Jamie McDole, Chief Negotiator: First-time Chief Bargainer negotiating three UC contracts



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