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Election 2017: Another message from Jelger Kalmijn


UPTE Strong and United 

Strong:   Experience, courage, and creativity to settle winning contracts

United:   Committed toall UPTE members, bargaining units, and activists


   Jelger Kalmijn, President
   Steve Balke, Executive VP
   Shanna Vela, Treasurer


Bargaining Success for all of UPTE

Experienced and new leaders working together to achieve:

      Cost-of-living, market, and step increases

      Secure pensions

      Office hours (Community Colleges)

      Job and union security


The Strong and United strategy has won impressive contract victories:

      23% guaranteed raises in 6 years

      No second class pensions

      16 weeks severance pay and 60 days layoff notice

      Job guarantee if your position is contracted out

      Safety improvements

      10% raises and more at two community colleges

      Guaranteed raises for five years at Livermore



Our opponents have never settled a contract. Worse yet, they refuse to work collaboratively, reducing our strength.


As management offers pitiful raises and insists on dismantling pensions, we can’t afford inexperienced enthusiasts trying to settle our contracts.


As the Supreme Court prepares to strike down fair share, we can’t be divided.


Let’s mentor new leaders, not set them up to fail.







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