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Election 2017: Another message from Jelger Kalmijn


UPTE Strong and United 
Plan to Win for All UPTE

Jelger Kalmijn - President
Steve Balke - Executive VP
Shanna Vela – Treasurer

UC: Win Excellent Contracts

  • Reach All Members: Recruit, educate, and mentor workplace leaders with extensive training and outreach.
  • Actions Local and Systemwide: Local and member inspired actions combined with systemwide strategy to win.
  • Signup Everyone: Workplace leaders, new employee orientations, phone banks.
  • Politics: Educate about impending Supreme Court decision allowing union beneficiaries to avoid paying their fair share. Defend science budgets and demand real healthcare reform.
  • Information: Social media, email, hand-to-hand, website, meetings.
  • Mobilize: Petitions, e-protests, pickets, lobbying, media and more targeting UC executives.
  • Market Equity Increases: Targeted pressure for specific jobs.

Community Colleges

  • MSJC, Butte New Contracts: fair raises, increased office hours and job security leveraging staff turnover and student support to pressure management.
  • Sequoias: Add to 10% won over last 2 years.
  • Outreach: Involve members through workplace leaders, social events, and broad education.

DOE Labs

  • De-privatize Los Alamos and Livermore Labs: Return focus to science and national security instead of profit.
  • Benefits and pay including expanding Davis-Bacon wages.


  • UC: Student Services, IT and Administrative Professionals.
  • Community Colleges: New campuses.

DOE: New members.


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