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Election 2017: Another message from Jelger Kalmijn


Compare For Yourself!

Vote! UPTE Strong and United

Jelger Kalmijn, President
Steve Balke, Executive VP
Shanna Vela, Treasurer


Critical bargaining and political challenges need experienced leadership working with new activists

Our Pay, Benefits and Job Security Are At Stake!


UPTE Strong and United


Working Together For All Members

Experienced and new leaders fighting for all members

Inexperienced with vague plans that exclude many members


Won every UC, Skilled Trades and Community College contract

Never settled a contract


Organized TX, RX, HX, Skilled Trades

Never organized new units


Arbitrations, Unfair Labor Practice Hearings

Never chief representative in hearing

Community Colleges

Record raises, doubled membership

No experience

DOE Labs

Bargaining and representing under NLRB

No experience




-Stopped offshoring of UC jobs (AB848)
-Won job security for part-time faculty (SB1379)
-Federal legislative pressure for our contracts
-Initiated Reclaim CA Higher Education

Attended lobby days


Kept UC Union Coalition together to win single pension in last contract

Attend UC Union coalition meetings


-Designed and conducted bargaining, mobilizing, arbitration, organizing, new officer, unfair labor practice, legislative, steward, and more
-Established UPTE Academy

Steward, bargaining, health & safety, legislative


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