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Election 2017: Another message from Jelger Kalmijn


Take 30 seconds to vote for:

  • Good raises over the next 3 years
  • Sustaining the stability of your pension
  • Fighting for your job security
  • Experience and inclusivity

Vote! UPTE Strong and United
Jelger Kalmijn, President (incumbent)
Steve Balke, Executive VP
Shanna Vela, Treasurer (incumbent)

“I urge everyone to vote.
This is your union, let your voice be heard”
Steve Balke, UPTE board, Lawrence Livermore Lab,
running for Executive VP


24% in raises over the last 6 years
and a secure pension,
that’s a record I’ll vote for!”
  Iris Williams, SRA, UCLA


“UPTE Strong And United candidates
 are dedicated to organizing the unorganized,
 strong representation and
 a union that is led by the members.”
Chris Radke-Schmidt, Social Worker, UCSF, UPTE Secretary


“Jelger helped train, organize, and
motivate our leadership team.
He's shown us that there's a way
 to achieve our goals through
hard work, unity, and organization.
I support his re-election.”
Don Nikkel, Adjunct Faculty, Sequoias, previous president


“Working together, experienced and new activists,
 UC, Community College, DOE Lab members,
organized and unorganized,
we can continue the amazing victories and growth of our union”
UPTE President Jelger Kalmijn, re-elect as President



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