July 1, 2008 Wage Increases

HX Year 3 Wage Increases
Following is a summary of what the wage increases for the HX unit will be on July 1st.  This also includes, if known, any Market Rate equity increases; or other scheduled increases.

UC Davis:
Year 3

  • 4% increase for all plus 2% step increase. 
  • Market Rate Equity (MRE) requests were all denied. 
  • All HXers are being converted to having their total years of experience counted.  At this point only CLSs and Pharms have been completed.  HR is currently working on CSWs.
  • Topped out people:  no further compensation will be given.

UC Irvine:
Year 3

  • 2% general increase for all plus 2% step increase.
  • Medical Center MRE requests were fairly successful.  An additional step, at 2%, was granted to: Dieticians, CLSs; Cytotechs; Orthoptists; Nuclear Med Techs; Hospital Radiation Physicists; and Clinical Social Workers. 
  • The Pharmacists have new revised rates, which amount to about a $3/hr increase.  Pharms will move to the new wage scale, (see below) then get their 2 % step increase. MRE’s were denied to the PAs.
  • Campus MRE requests were denied. 
  • Audiologists will gain an additional 5 steps to their current 10 steps, effective 4/1/08 (currently no one in the job title).
  • At the MC, topped out people: no further compensation will be given. 
  • At the campus, topped out people will receive a 2% lump sum.
  • Still adamant that no total years of experience will be used in determining step placement.

UC San Franciso:
Year 3

  • 2% general increase for most classifications plus a step increase of 2%.
  • 3% general increase for CLS and Cytotechnologist classifications plus one step valued at 2%.
  • MRE were denied to the PAs, Pharmacists, NMTs, Cytotechs and CLS’s.
  • Medical Center Child Life Specialists, Psychologists and CSWs are being reviewed for MRE, and results are pending.
  • Campus CSWs, SWAs and Psychololgists will be reviewed after July 1st and based on SF’s city/co budget.
  • Topped out workers: lump sums for both medical center and campus.

UC Los Angeles:
Year 3

  • CLSs, CSWs, OTs, and Pharms: 3% general increase plus experience based adjustment if applicable. 
  • All other HX titles: 2% range increase plus 2% step increase.
  • MRE requests are still pending until after July 1st.
  • Topped out workers:  not an issue at this campus.

UC San Diego:
Year 3

  • 2% general increase for Cytotechs, Genetic Counselors, Psychometrists, and Speech Pathologists.
  • 3% for CLS, Pharmacists, Sr. Nuclear Med. Techs, and OTs.
  • 10% for Dietitians, PAs, CSWs, Psychologists, Recreation Therapists, and Audiologists.
  • All classifications receive one step valued at 2%.
  • No MRE requests were made.
  • As of beginning of year, all HX job titles are moving to compensation based on total years
    of experience.
  • Topped out workers:  no plans for any further compensation.

Student Health Centers (SC, SB, R, and B)
Year 3

  • 2% increase plus one step valued at 2%.
  • MRE proposals were only made at UCB on behalf of the CLSs and CSWs.  The CSWs were moved up steps based on years of experience, this amounted to anywhere from a 4% increase to a 10% increase 2 steps to 5 steps).  It is retroactive to September 1, 2007.
  • No MRE increase for the CLSs.
  • Topped out workers:  no compensation for UCB, UCR, or UCSC.  UCSB will provide a 2% lump sum.

UCI Pharmacist wage proposal:

Staff I:
step 1  $53.61
step 2   54.68
step 3   55.77
step 4   56.89
step 5   58.08
step 6   59.19
Staff II:
step 1  $ 56.25
step 2     57.38
step 3     58.53
step 4     59.70
step 5     60.89
step 6     62.11
Senior Pharm:
step 1   $ 58.50
step 2      59.67
step 3      60.89
step 4      62.08
step 5      63.32
step 6      64.59