UPTE-CWA offers activist members basic to advanced training to prepare them to bargain, arbitrate, lobby, organize, and more. Print the UPTE Academy brochure.

This eCourse is designed for new and non-represented UPTE-CWA members to provide a basic understanding of the following topics: What is a Union; About UPTE-CWA; Union Contract Basics; Current UPTE-CWA; Contracts; UPTE-CWA Membership; UPTE Academy; Links and Resources (compiled from this eCourse); Contact UPTE-CWA

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You will learn in detail how to present a grievance before an arbitrator — from preparing witnesses and evidence to presenting them in a hearing and writing the closing brief. Experienced Stewards will review settled and ongoing cases with attendees to promote an understanding of what works for the Union in arbitration. 

You can stop UC from violating labor law. Learn about our law HEERA, what are illegal employer practices and how to enforce them. This hands on training will go through all the details so you can take the law into your own hands!

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