UPTE-CWA offers activist members basic to advanced training to prepare them to bargain, arbitrate, lobby, organize, and more. Print the UPTE Academy brochure.

Student Debt Clinic: REGISTER
Tuesday, March 28, 2017, noon to 1pm
Price Center West, Bear Room (Sun God Lounge), 2nd floor
Lisa Kermish and Susan Orlofsky

Student Debt Clinic: REGISTER
Wednesday, March 29, 2017, noon to 1pm
Hillcrest In-Patient Tower, ACR Conference Room
Trainers: Lisa Kermish and Susan Orlofsky

Train the Trainer Summit: REGISTER
When: Saturday, April 29 (10 am – 5 pm); Sunday, April 30 (9 am – noon)
Where: UPTE Systemwide office, 2855 Telegraph Ave, Suite 310, Berkeley, CA 94705
Description: Can you help train your coworkers? UPTE will hold a “Train the Trainer Summit” to increase the number of members who can facilitate workshops on the following subjects: Know Your Rights, Stewards Training, Reclassification, Wage Workshop, and Student Debt Clinic. The Summit will take place over a day and a half and participants will have the opportunity to learn facilitation skills as well as the content for 2-3 of the trainings. In order to be a successful member-run union, we need to provide our members with the skills to run the union. UPTE will provide all training materials, meals, and hotel accommodations for out-of-town participants. Please register now!

Steward Training and Know Your Rights Training: REGISTER
When: Saturday, May 27, 8am to 11am. and 12:30 to 3:00pm
Where: UCSD, specific location TBA
Trainer: Bryan Pettengill
Note: Steward training (8am to 11am); Know your rights training (12:30 to 3pm)

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