UPTE-CWA offers activist members basic to advanced training to prepare them to bargain, arbitrate, lobby, organize, and more. Print the UPTE Academy brochure.

This eCourse is designed for new and non-represented UPTE-CWA members to provide a basic understanding of the following topics: What is a Union; About UPTE-CWA; Union Contract Basics; Current UPTE-CWA; Contracts; UPTE-CWA Membership; UPTE Academy; Links and Resources (compiled from this eCourse); Contact UPTE-CWA

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Helping coworkers with workplace problems usually begins with a single phone call. This course will give you the information necessary to do an initial assessment of a workplace problem. We'll review some of the basic contract articles, discuss how to have the most productive first intake conversation, and lear how and where to refer the case after your conversation.

Once you file your ULP what happens? You will learn how to work with PERB. How to prepare for and excel at settlement conferences and hearings. The hearing will be the major focus and include how to submit documents, present evidence, prepare witnesses, write opening and closing briefs, and more. Experience with the basics of ULP's and how to filie them s is a requirement for attending this class.

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