Steward Intake Training (1 hour)
Helping coworkers with workplace problems usually begins with a single phone call. This course will give you the information necessary to do an initial assessment of a workplace problem. We’ll review some of the basic contract articles, discuss how to have the most productive first intake conversation, and learn how and where to refer the case after your conversation.

Know Your Rights (1 hour)
This basic introduction to your contract covers how to research workplace rules and solve problems. The class is often held over a lunch break or immediately after work.

Steward Training (3 to 5 hours)
Learn the initial intake for members with workplace problems. Identify possible contract violations. This class reviews relevant laws that affect our workplace as well as contract articles, taking you through step 2 of the grievance procedure. Participants role-play how to setup and conduct meetings with management. Upon completion, stewards will be able to participate in grievance meetings with management with the support of a mentor.

Arbitration (2 days)
You will learn in detail how to present a grievance before an arbitrator — from preparing witnesses and evidence to presenting them in a hearing and writing the closing brief. There will be a mock hearing before an actual arbitrator where some of the participants play the role of management and others the role of the union. All UPTE-CWA stewards who perform arbitrations should attend this annual training. You will gain new skills and insights to help present the best possible case each time you attend.

Organizing Institute (2 ½ days)
This organizing boot camp breaks down the details of the conversation you have with co-workers about the union. From initial introduction to getting their story and finally moving them to action, this training will make you a confident union advocate in your workplace. The countless role-plays prepare you for in-the-field organizing on the final day.

Mini-Organizing Institute (½ to 1 day)
This reduced version of the full organizing institute covers the basics of talking to co-workers. With fewer role-plays, participants still put their skills into practice.

Bargaining Training (1 to 3 days)
All technical aspects of bargaining from UPTE-CWA’s democratic process of deciding on priorities and electing member negotiators, to details of proposal writing and presentation are covered. You will learn the legal aspects of mandatory and permissive subjects of bargaining; information requests; unfair labor practices; impasse, strikes; the role of mobilization; and much more. All bargaining
team participants must complete this training, but even those not certain if they want to bargain will benefit.

Mobilizing Training (1 to 2 days)
Successful contract negotiations depend on member mobilization to pressure management’s real decision-makers. As much as we wish it were so, reasonable proposals expertly argued and substantiated at the bargaining table do not move management. From wearing buttons to media campaigns and going on strike, we must show management that it is less painful to agree to our demands than experience the displeasure of our mobilization.

Career Advancement

Reclassification (1 hour)
Learn the details of how to submit your own reclassification request. Learn how being a good employee and working hard make only a small contribution, while changes in your job assignment and level of independence at work play a key role. UPTE-CWA provides sample job descriptions to help you rewrite yours.

Wage Workshop (1 hour)
This short class outlines ways you can increase your pay. Learn about equity increases, incentive awards, reclassification, and more ways you can get a raise.

Lobbying (1 to 2 days)
Learn how we identify a legislative goal and turn it into a bill for presentation in Sacramento or Washington, D.C. These trainings almost always take place in the State Capitol and involve actual lobbying on UPTE-CWA bills. We also offer onehour lunchtime trainings and half-day trainings that can be done at the campuses.

Electoral (1 to 2 hours)
This class will help you talk to co-workers and neighbors about elections and issues that matter to us and the broader labor movement. Corporate America will always outspend us in buying governmental influence, but we can exert the power of our members who live in nearly every legislative district in the state.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety Training (1 to 4 hours)
Learn about members’ rights and employers’ responsibilities under OSHA. California was the first state to require employers to have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program. Learn how to use it and the UPTE contract articles that apply to health and safety, the resources we have as union members, and where to find additional resources.

Other Trainings
Media Training (1 day)
Do you want to know how to get media attention? Do you want to know how make a real impact when you get media attention? Here is your opportunity.

Student Debt Clinic
Burdened by student debt? Come to this information-packed session to learn about government programs that can reduce your monthly payments and possibly eliminate them altogether.