UPTE-Community Colleges

November 4, 2020 – Candidate Statements for 2020 Election

Steven Hall – Governing Board

When I read statements like this, I seldom get a clear picture of the person unless I already know them. If you know me, you know of my character and can vote accordingly. 

For those who don’t know me, I can say that I have been teaching part-time for 15 years or so. I’ve seen a lot at multiple campuses. I have been a member of the Union since the start, but I have had limited participation so I have much to learn. As I near the end of my teaching career, I am increasingly interested in supporting the work of the Union.

This is newly relevant to me since Butte College has cut back on classes due to lower enrollment. I understand the necessity of this. However, in my small sample of peers, I am seeing the results of poor practices by various levels of administration. Some of my peers were not aware of their rights to seniority and were not being treated accordingly, being offered fewer classes than were due. There also seems to be other criteria arising on the Admin side for who gets hired, when, but clarification of them is not forthcoming.

I’m concerned that we work to have transparency about how this process happens. I will work with the Union in maintaining and enhancing our rights to hire, including possible changes to our contract. I will also work to spread information about those rights and what the college is doing in response. I value dialog, listening to all concerned, and reasoned solutions

In solidarity,

Steven Hall


Shanna Vela – Governing Board

Since my tenure on the PFA Governing Board, I’ve served as an organizer, worked on contract enforcement and grievances and mobilized actions that led to increasing office hours and protecting seniority. I’ve had the privilege to serve on the bargaining team for multiple contracts, including our upcoming contract, constantly meeting with those as our working conditions have changed with fires, power outages and now the pandemic. I’ve also been the Associate Faculty representative to the College Council.

I serve on the Systemwide Executive Board as the Systemwide Treasurer and oversee 17 Chapter’s financials. I serve as a district trainer for Aptify, the international’s membership program. I’m an active member in Public Health Care and Education Workers (PHEW), Human Rights Committee’s, Legislative and Political work, and Finance Committee Chair. I was a lead on getting assistance for our members affected by wildfires from the chapter, local and district levels.

As an active member of both boards and several committees, it allows solid communication to ensure that our voice is heard, and we’re represented! It’s important that all members under our contract are represented across disciplines and job titles. I look forward to continuing to serve you as a governing board member.

In solidarity,

Shanna Vela


Daniel Thompson – Governing Board

I am an energetic, well-driven, and passionate educator with more than twenty years of training, experience, and expertise in government, politics, and public policy.  I have been honored to have served on the Butte College Academic Senate for the last four semesters as well as the Curriculum Committee for the past three semesters.  Having taught higher education for the last eleven years, including at Butte College for the last six years, I would bring my educational experience and prudent organizational skills to the Part-time Faculty Association (PFA). I respectfully request your vote one of the Governing Board seats to the PFA.

In Solidarity,

Daniel Thompson


Daniel Griggs – Governing Board

I have taught in the Foreign Languages Department (now called “World Languages”) for 20 years. For the last five years I have taught mostly on-line. And yes, I belong to the union.

In Solidarity,

Daniel Griggs


Tim Garcia – Governing Board

My name is Tim Garcia, associate in both Kinesiology and Public Service. I would like to run for an open position on the PFA Governing Board. 
I have been a governing board member for the past four years and served on the last collective bargaining committee.  With so many dynamics, unknown by many, my experience and knowledge of current trends that affect part time faculty will help bring continuity to the board. 
In Solidarity,
Tim Garcia


October 2, 2020 – NOTICE TO MEMBERSHIP:

TO: Adjunct Faculty, College of Sequoias
FROM: Don Nikkel and Susan Elizabeth, COSAFA Elections Committee

The results of today’s run-off election for the third Member-At-Large position are:

Megan Baptista – 11
Osvaldo Del Valle – 9

Congratulations to Megan.

Our COSAFA officers for the next two years are:

Celeste Solis, President celestes@cos.edu

Jodi Baker, Vice-President jodib@cos.edu

Charles Slaght, Secretary-Treasurer charless@cos.edu

Danielle Alberti, Member-At-Large danielleal@cos.edu

Amanda Carey, Member-At-Large amandaca@cos.edu

Megan Baptista, Member-At-Large megang@cos.edu

Our thanks to all those who voted. Stay involved.

September 15, 2020 – NOTICE TO MEMBERSHIP: 

Chapter 14 of UPTE-CWA Local 9119, representing Associate Faculty, Counselors, and Librarians at Mt San Jacinto College, is holding an election to complete the unexpired term (2019-2022) of President. We will be using electronic balloting provided by The Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) vendor. Please contact SBS if you have questions or concerns.
Sandra Blackman

Election Committee Chair

August 24, 2020 – PFA will be holding Governing Board elections, Fall Semester, 2020, and we will be using electronic balloting provided by The Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) vendor. Please contact SBS if you have questions or concerns.

In solidarity,
Bettye Anne Stephens
Election Committee Chair

The University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) is a democratic, member-run union organization. Decisions are made by UPTE members and their elected representatives. Our success is due to the high level of activism among our members.

UPTE proudly represents the contingent faculty at the Community Colleges of Butte, Mt. San Jacinto, and College of the Sequoias.

Associate faculty wages and conditions need improvement
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