What Worries Keep You Up At Night?

Health and Safety

  • Do you work with plutonium? Beryllium?
  • Are the safety standards on your job sufficient?
  • Are they followed? Is safety jeopardized when you’re short-staffed or under deadline?

Job Security

  • Is your funding secure?
  • Can you be laid off?
  • What kind of notice would you get?
  • Do you have seniority rights?

 Retirement Security

  • Are you confident you will have enough income/savings after you retire?
  • Have your benefits decreased?

Quality of Work/Personal Life

  • Does on-the-job stress affect your personal life?
  • Do you feel pressured to work harder/faster?
  • Is your input valued at work?
  • Do you feel that you and your work are acknowledged and respected?

YOU Need a Union!

These concerns are most effectively addressed when we work together. Contact us at lanl@upte-cwa.org or 925-449-4846


What UPTE-LANL Stands For:

  • A grievance procedure that really works, with enforceable deadlines and procedural integrity
  • Seniority as a basis for layoffs, rather than subjective or arbitrary factors
  • An end to discrimination in the workplace based on race, sex, age, veteran status and sexual orientation, including discrimination in layoff and sex-based wage discrimination
  • A workplace free of fear of retaliation ­ for whistleblowing, for organizing, for filing grievances, for raising health and safety concerns, and for speaking up about problems at LANL
  • Decent wages that reflect the responsibility and complexity of our jobs, and salary increases that are awarded fairly without favoritism, discrimination, or retaliation

Topics of Interest:

Join Us!

  • Print out the UPTE Membership Application Form.
  • Fill out the form and sign it in the lower right corner where indicated.
  • Mail it to: UPTE Local 1663, 1907 Central Ave, Suite 200, Los Alamos, NM 87544