LANL Employee Salary

These lists are from publicly available information sources:

Data in xls Format
Data Size
Data in pdf Format
Data Size
May 2006 2.0mb May 2006 1.1mb
November 2005 1.9mb November 2005 0.9mb
June 2005 1.9mb June 2005 0.9mb
January 2005 1.9mb January 2005 0.9mb
October 2004 1.7mb October 2004 0.8mb
June 2004 – Post Welch 2.8mb June 2004 – Post Welch 0.8mb
January 2004 1.7mb January 2004 0.8mb
October 2003 2.0mb October 2003 0.8mb
July 2003 2.1mb July 2003 0.9mb
March 2003 3.9mb March 2003 0.9mb
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