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What benefits, besides basic retirement income, do I receive as a UCRP member? 
As a member of UCRP, you are eligible for disability, survivor benefits, and death benefits, and you may be eligible for annuitant health and insurance benefits.

Disability benefits 
Disability income is available to UCRP active members who satisfy certain minimum requirements and who submit a timely application. The service requirements, definitions, and reevaluation standards vary depending on the UCRP membership date. The length of the disability income period varies depending on the UCRP disability date.

For more information, see the UCRP Summary Plan Description and the UCRP Disability Handbook.

Survivor benefits 
When you die, part of your retirement benefit is paid to your surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner (if you were married or in a partnership continuously from one full year before retirement until your death), or if none, to your eligible children, or if none, to your eligible dependent parents.

Death benefits 
When an active, inactive, disabled, or retired member dies, UCRP pays a basic death benefit of $7,500 to the member’s beneficiary, in addition to any monthly UCRP income that may be payable to eligible survivors or to the contingent annuitant. Beneficiaries of active, disabled, or inactive members also receive the CAP payment , if any.

For more information, see the UCRP Summary Plan Description.

Retiree health and insurance benefits 
When you retire or begin receiving UCRP disability income, you may be eligible to continue your UC-sponsored health and insurance coverage. See the Group Insurance Eligibility Factsheet for Retireesfor the eligibility requirements. You may also continue your AD&D and auto, homeowner/renter insurance by making arrangements directly with the insurance company.

Health and welfare benefits are not accrued or vested benefit entitlements. UC’s contribution toward the monthly cost of the coverage is determined by UC. Currently, UC contributes toward the monthly cost of medical and dental coverage, but the contribution may change or stop altogether. The amount UC will contribute depends on the date you were hired and the amount of service credit you have earned. See the Group Insurance Eligibility Factsheet for more information.

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