BREAKING (Janus v. AFSCME): A new Challenge from the Supreme Court to your Livelihood

(Janus v. AFSCME): A new Challenge from the Supreme Court to your Livelihood

Large employers like the University of California have spent millions of dollars lobbying to change the law so that workers no longer automatically contribute to their unions.   What’s in it for them?

UC is currently fighting to roll back guarantees of higher pay, greater benefits, and stronger work protections that your union has won.

  • Over the last 10 years we won increases of more than $47,000 after union fees for someone who started off making $50,000.
  • We protected 5 years of retirement benefits for employees hired after July 1, 2013, defending the retirement age of 60, which UC took from non-represented employees.
  • We’ve maintained seniority, preferential rehire, recall rights, and protection from subcontracting while UC stripped these protections from non-represented employees.

Today’s Supreme Court decision is the culmination of years of efforts by billionaires and large corporations to weaken our ability to fight and win dignity, respect, and decent standards for our coworkers and millions like us. We know that if the University sees our union’s power and resources shrink, they will only push harder for the cuts to our rights, pay, and benefits that they are already demanding at the bargaining table.

But we also know that we’re stronger together.  We know that if we stay united and keep fighting, we can win strong contracts that not only protects what we have, but win a better future for our families, our patients, and our students.

The first thing you can do to show UC that you’re going to stand together with your co-workers is to commit to stay in the union by filling out an UPTE membership affirmation form. Then make sure that you co-workers have done the same, whether or not they may have done so in the past.  UC will be watching to see how we react, so please sign right away.

Sign Now: Let UC know that we won’t stop fighting for our rights, our benefits, and our future.