BTSA Accretion

UPDATE: We’re excited to report that the Tentative Agreement (TA) for Business Technology Support Analysts (BTSA) 2 & 3 accretion into the Technical Professionals (TX) unit has been approved by more than 97%!

This the first step toward winning the compensation and working conditions that we deserve as well as protecting our healthcare and retirement from UC’s attacks. Congratulations to all BTSAs, particularly our bargaining team and other hard-working activists. Welcome fully and finally to UPTE!

As stipulated in the agreement:

PAY INCREASES will be effective in the pay period beginning January 1st for monthly and January 13th for bi-weekly pay and will appear in your paychecks within 90 days.

PENSION CHANGES will be effective within 120 days. Information about those who were hired after July 1, 2013 – who will now have multiple pension tiers – is available on page 26 of this document.

PAID TIME OFF opt-out information for those at UC Davis, Irvine, and San Francisco Medical Centers will be sent out soon!

Please contact your UPTE Staff Leadership Development Coordinator with any questions.



Those who did not receive merit increases in 2017 because they were already BTSAs (Davis, Berkeley, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Riverside, and San Diego) will be moved onto the step structure for their campus (attached as part of the TA) at the ½ step immediately above their current pay rate and then moved up one additional ½ step. The effect of this will be between 2-6% increase.

BTSAs who did receive a merit increase in 2017 because they were not classified as BTSAs at the time (Irvine and Santa Barbara) will be placed on the step immediately above their current pay rate. The effect of this will be an increase of between 0-2.4%.

For example, Robin is a BTSA 2 from UC Berkeley and is currently making $25.25/hour or $52,520 annually. They did not receive a merit increase in 2017, so will be placed on Step 2.5 and moved to Step 3.0, meaning their new pay rate will be $25.97/hour or $54,225 annually.

Lump Sum

All BTSAs who did not receive a merit increase in 2017 will receive a one-time lump sum of $1250 (in proportion to their appointment percentage and the portion of the year from October 1, 2017-September 30, 2018 that they were on payroll).

For example, Janelle is a BTSA from UC San Diego and has an appointment percentage of 80% and was hired on April 1, 2018. They will receive a lump sum of $500 ($1250 x .8 x .5).


Within 120 days of ratification, all BTSAs hired after July 1, 2013 will begin accruing retirement benefits into the 2013 modified tier, meaning that you will be able to draw on these benefits beginning at age 50 and that your age multiplier will max at age 60.

Those hired after July 1st 2013 (and after July 1, 2016 who did not opt into the ‘Savings Choice’) who have been accumulating in their pension up until now in the ‘2013 pension tier’ will still be able to draw on their existing benefits accumulation under that plan at age 55 and their age multiplier for those benefits will maximize at 65.”

Those hired after July 1, 2016 who opted into the ‘Savings Choice’ will retain any 403b contributions made up to the point of ratification but will then be switched to the 2013 modified pension tier.

Those who were hired before July 1st 2013 and are in the 1976 Tier will continue in that Tier with no changes to the formula for their pension calculation.

UCRP contributions for all BTSAs will increase to 9% to match other UPTE-represented employees, meaning that those hired after July 1, 2013 will pay 2% additional and those hired before July 1 2013 will pay 1% additional. This additional contribution was negotiated in 2013 in order to maintain quality benefits for new hires, which means keeping the pension strong and and keeping our union strong to fight UC’s ongoing attempts to undermine it. Though these increased contributions reduce our take-home pay while working they do not reduce our pensionable (retirement) income.

For example:

  1. Andy was hired as a career employee in 2015 and is currently paying 7% into UCRP. They will begin accruing UCRP benefits in the 2013 modified tier and will begin paying 9% after ratification.
  2. Robin was hired as a career employee in 2009 and is currently paying 8% into UCRP. Their UCRP benefits will not change but they will begin paying 9% following ratification.

Internal Equity Review

UPTE will submit names of BTSAs for internal equity review and UC will respond within 45 days. Contact your local UPTE staff if you believe that you should be considered.

Sick and Vacation Leave Policy

BTSAs who are currently on a Paid-Time-Off (PTO) system will have 30-days to elect to opt out of PTO and into separate Sick and Vacation leave. If they do not take any action they will remain on PTO. Information regarding this opt-out will be sent to those on PTO following ratification.

Job Protections from TX Contract

BTSA inclusion in the TX contract provides BTSA with a large number of job protections, including ‘just cause’ rights protecting against unjust discipline and dismissal, seniority and layoff protections, and provides BTSAs protections against being replaced by third-party contractors.  This agreement also positions BTSAs to continue fighting alongside other technical workers to strengthen these protections to win true job security going forward.

UPTE dues

Because not all BTSAs will receive at least 2% as a result of this agreement UPTE will not begin collecting dues from BTSA members if this agreement is ratified. Dues will only be collected when all BTSAs recieve at least a negotiated 2% increase – likely as part of the multi-year TX contract.