Constitution Appendix A

UPTE-CWA 9119 Constitution

Appendix A: Model Campus Local Constitution

This constitution shall be binding on locals which have not yet adopted an approved Constitution.

Article I: Name
The name of this organization shall be University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) CWA 9119 [Local #].

Article II: Affiliation
This local shall be affiliated with the University Professional and Technical Employees CWA 9119.

Article III: Objectives
The objectives of this local shall be to carry out on a local basis the objectives of UPTE, CWA 9119.

Article IV: Membership and Dues

  1. All non-exclusively represented employees of the University of California [UC Campus] are eligible for membership in this organization.
  2. This organization shall not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, political affiliation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap, medical condition, status as a Vietnam-era veteran, disabled veteran, or veteran, age, or citizenship.
  3. An application for membership shall be made on a standard application form accompanied by signed payroll deduction form or a check for the first month’s dues.
  4. The monthly dues of this local shall be $22.00 for full time employees and $7.50 for those employed twenty hours per week or fewer.

Article V: Meetings

  1. Regular meetings of this local shall be held once a month at a time and place to be fixed by the membership or executive board.
  2. Special meetings may be called by the local President, the local executive board, by a petition filed with the president and signed by [____%] of the membership, or by the UPTE CWA 9119 President or his/her representative.

Article VI: Officers, Nominations and Elections

  1. The officers of this local shall be a President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and three Executive Board Members At Large. These officers shall constitute the Executive Board of this local. In addition, three trustees shall be elected to three year terms, except that in the initial election, one shall be elected for one year, one for two years, and one for three years.
  2. Nominations shall be made at a regular meeting of the local. Members must be notified in writing at least 15 days prior to the nomination meeting. All regular elections shall be held in the month of April.
  3. Eligibility for elected office in this organization shall be as follows: a nominee must be employed within the jurisdiction of a local affiliated with the organization and, except in the initial election, must have been, for one year preceding the election, a member in good standing of a local or locals affiliated with this organization. No executive board member may continue in office if such executive board member becomes ineligible for such office.
  4. Officers shall be elected by secret ballot. Members must be notified at least 15 days in advance of the election. The time, place and manner of conducting the election must allow all members a reasonable opportunity to vote.
  5. If a vacancy in an office occurs within 90 days of a regular election, it shall be left unfilled until such election. If it occurs prior to this time, it shall be filled at a regularly scheduled membership meeting. Such meeting will be held no fewer than 15 days and no more than 60 days from the date of notification to the membership.

Article VII: Duties of Officers and Executive Board Members

  1. The President shall:
    a. preside at all meetings of the executive board and at all meetings of the local;
    b. be a member ex-officio of all committees of the local;
    c. appoint all standing and special committees of the local, with the approval of the executive board;
    d. sign all authorized orders of the Treasurer and countersign all checks drawn against the funds of the local, provided that the local Vice-President and Recording Secretary may, with approval of the executive board, act as alternative signatories on checks to the President and Treasurer; and
    e. submit a report to the local meetings regarding his/her official acts.
  2. The Vice-President shall:
    a. assist the President in the performance of the President’s duties; and
    b. in the absence or inability to serve of the President, preside at all meetings and perform all duties otherwise performed by the President.
  3. The Recording Secretary shall:
    a. keep or cause to be kept a record of the proceedings of all local membership and executive board meetings. The Recording Secretary shall submit copies of the minutes of membership and executive board meetings to the membership; and
    b. perform such other duties as the Executive Board may direct or as are required by this Constitution.
  4. The Treasurer shall:
    a. receive and take charge of all money and property of the local;
    b. deposit all money of this local in a bank selected by the Executive Board. Money so deposited shall be withdrawn only by checks signed in accordance with this Constitution;
    c. prepare and sign checks for such purposes as are required by the Constitution or authorized by the membership or Executive Board, provided that the Vice-President and Recording Secretary may, with the approval of the Executive Board, act as alternative signatories to the President and Treasurer;
    d. keep, or cause to be kept, an accurate record of receipts and disbursements and render a report thereon at each meeting of the local; and
    e. report fully on the financial standing of the local once each year.
  5. The Executive Board shall be the governing body of the local between membership meetings. All matters affecting the policies, aims and means of accomplishing the purpose of this organization not specifically provided for in this Constitution or by action of the membership shall be decided by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall meet at least once a month at the call of the President. Special meetings may be called by the President or by a majority of the members of the Executive Board. A report on all actions of the Executive Board shall be made at each membership meeting. A majority of the members of the Executive Board shall be a required quorum.
  6. The Trustees shall make or cause to be made, at least annually, an audit of the local’s finances, and shall report to the membership on the results of such audit. Trustees shall hold no other elected office. Audits shall be held within ninety days after the end of the fiscal year.

Article VIII: Miscellaneous

  1. This local shall at all times be subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the University Professional and Technical Employees CWA 9119.
  2. Except to the extent specified in this Constitution, no officer of a local shall have the power to act as agent for or otherwise bind the local in any way whatsoever. No member or group of members or other person or persons shall have the power to act on behalf of or otherwise bind the local except to the extent specifically authorize in writing by the President of the local or by the Executive Board of the local.
  3. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the guide in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with this Constitution and special rules of this organization.
  4. Amendments to this Constitution may be made in accordance with the provisions for amending the Constitution of UPTE CWA 9119.

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