Constitution Article 11

UPTE-CWA 9119 Constitution

Article XI: Referendum

Section 1. By petition signed by at least 10% of the membership of at least two-thirds of UPTE CWA 9119 campus locals, a member may require the Executive Board to conduct a referendum vote on a proposed constitutional change. The petition shall contain the exact wording of the proposed change and shall be submitted to the President of UPTE CWA 9119. No petition shall be accepted if it is submitted to the President seventy-five days or less in advance of a regularly scheduled UPTE CWA 9119 convention.

Section 2. Within 15 days of the receipt of a referendum petition, the President shall send a copy of the petition to campus local Presidents. Within 30 days of the receipt of the petition, the Executive Board shall verify petition signatures. Within 45 days of the receipt of the petition, the Executive Board shall mail to each UPTE CWA 9119 member, at his/her home address, a ballot.

Section 3. The vote shall be by secret mail ballot. The ballot shall contain the proposed constitutional change, the name of the proposer, the names and campus local affiliations of all signers of the referendum petition, all arguments for or against by members, limited to 500 words each, a copy of this Article, and balloting instructions. Members shall have a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 30 days to return ballots.

Section 4. Ballots shall be counted within five days of the voting deadline by the President or designee and the proposer or designee, each of whom may be accompanied by observers.

Section 5. A majority vote shall be required for the adoption of the constitutional change. If adopted, the change shall take effect 30 days after the vote count.

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