Constitution Article 8

UPTE-CWA 9119 Constitution

Article VIII: Subordinate Bodies

Section 1. The Executive Board shall have the authority to charter campus locals, in conformance with this Constitution. Such charter is the property of UPTE CWA 9119 and can be revoked by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall determine the proper jurisdiction for the charter, in accordance with the provisions of Article IV. The Executive Board shall assign the local number, name, and jurisdiction.

Section 3. The application for an UPTE CWA 9119 charter shall include the names, addresses, and membership forms of at least ten eligible members.

Section 4. All campus locals shall have a constitution, which must be approved by the Executive Board. The campus local constitution must conform to this Constitution and must include the provisions indicated in Appendix A, including the statement found in Article IX, Section 1 of this Constitution.

Section 5. Financial and legal obligations and liabilities incurred by each campus local are the responsibility of that campus local. UPTE CWA 9119 shall not be responsible nor shall it assume such liabilities or legal obligations. Such expenses and legal obligations include but are not limited to: arbitration costs; law suits arising from local activities; unpaid bills; staff salaries; or credit obligations.

Section 6. The accounting period for campus locals shall be January 1 to December 31. Campus locals shall provide UPTE CWA 9119 with a Financial Report, on a form provided by UPTE CWA 9119 on a quarterly basis with dates to be established by the Treasurer. The financial reports shall be signed by duly elected trustees and by the Treasurer of each campus local. Each campus local shall also provide copies of the campus local checking account signature card as evidence that it is maintaining a valid account requiring two signatures on each check. Each campus local shall provide to the Treasurer on a quarterly basis copies of its monthly bank statements. The UPTE CWA 9119 Treasurer shall not distribute any dues rebates to any campus local that does not conform to this section.

Section 7. The financial records of each campus local shall be open for inspection upon request by the President or Treasurer of UPTE CWA 9119.

Section 8. No campus local shall expend dues funds directly or indirectly for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a public election. Non-dues funds may be expended for such purposes in accordance with applicable law.

Section 9. No funds or property of a campus local shall be divided among members. Such funds or property shall remain with the campus local, or shall become the property of UPTE CWA 9119 upon dissolution of the campus local.

Section 10. All elections of officers and delegates shall be in conformance with the provisions outlined in Appendix B of this Constitution.

Section 11. This Constitution shall constitute a contract between University Professional and Technical Employees CWA 9119 and each of its subordinate bodies individually. All subordinate bodies shall at all times be subject to the provisions of this Constitution.

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