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Health Care Professionals (HX) Contract
August 8, 2019 – September 30, 2024

Please click here for a summary of the contract, as well as copies of the Tentative Agreement here. The entire contract will be on the website soon. Until then, refer to the previous contract (below) as well as the the Tentative Agreement.

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Article 1 Agreement (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 2 Access (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 3 Arbitration Procedure (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 4 Campus Closure
Article 5 Compensation (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 6 Corrective Action, Discipline and Discharge
Article 7 Union Dues and Agency Fees Deductions (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 8 Grievance Procedure (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 9 Health and Safety
Article 10 Holidays
Article 11 Hours of Work (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 12 Job Posting
Article 13 Layoff and Reduction in Time
Article 14 Leaves of Absence (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 15 Leaves of Absence for Union Business
Article 16 Management Rights
Article 17 Medical Separation (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 18 Military Leave (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 19 Moving Expenses
Article 20 Multiple Appointments
Article 21 No Strikes
Article 22 Nondiscrimination in Employment (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 23 Out-of-Classification Assignments
Article 24 Parking
Article 25 Performance Evaluation
Article 26 Personnel Files
Article 27 Positions
Article 28 Probationary Period
Article 29 Professional Development and Education Leave
Article 30 Reasonable Accommodation
Article 31 Reclassification Review
Article 32 Release Time for Bargaining
Article 33 Resignation/Job Abandonment 
Article 34 Severability 
Article 35 Shift Differential
Article 36 Sick Leave
Article 37 Subcontracting
Article 38 Travel Reimbursement
Article 39 Uniforms
Article 40 University Health and Welfare Benefits (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 41 University Retirement and Savings Plans (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 42 Vacation
Article 43 Waiver
Article 44 Work Rules
Article 45 Work-Incurred Injury or Illness (UPDATED, 2019)
Article 46 Workplace Committees
Article 47 Duration
Article 48 Respectful and Fair Treatment
Appendix A Wages: UCB | UCD | UCI | UCLA | UCM | UCR | UCSB | UCSC | UCSD | UCSF (UPDATED, 2019)
Appendix B Enumeration of University Benefits
Appendix C List of Arbitrators
Appendix D Grievance Forms
Appendix E Sideletter: Inactive HX Titles
Appendix F UC Davis Med Center Premium Pay for Holidays
Appendix G Sideletter: UC San Francisco Holidays
Appendix H Parking 12-13-13 UC Proposal (UPDATED, 2019)
Appendix I Sideletter: UCSF/UCSFMC Location Specific Increases (UPDATED, 2019)
Appendix J Sideletter: PTO at UCLA Medical center
Appendix K Sideletter: Case Manager Accretion
Appendix L PTO Opt Out Procedure
Sideletter Extension of HX Titles to Selected Medical Centers (UPDATED, 2019)