Fact Finding 2019

Last week Fact Finding took place for our Research (RX) and Technical (TX) Units. Sadly, UC continued to stand by their proposals for 4 years of cuts – this time offering contradictory and insulting justifications for those cuts. UC was once again forced to admit that they are not claiming financial hardship – they simply don’t think we deserve safe staffing or to protect our pay and benefits.

When asked to defend their pension cuts, UC claimed that cutting the pension benefits would somehow help with their recruitment challenges. Yet when UPTE responded that a better recruitment solution would be our proposals to address low wages, lack of daily overtime, shift differential pay, etc, UC backtracked to say that there wasn’t actually a recruitment problem at all.

No one should be surprised that it is difficult to retain workers when UC demonstrates their intent to continue driving down wages that are already too low to live comfortably near UC campuses, let alone raise a family. Unfortunately, it is clear that UC executives are willing to sacrifice our futures and the quality of the work we do in order to continue prioritizing executive pay and privatization schemes.

UPTE demonstrated that not only does UC’s attack threaten the solvency of the pension but that it doesn’t even save UC any money: they are simply holding our future hostage because they hope to make us desperate enough to accept cuts that divide us as workers and put more money in Fidelity’s pockets.

Whatever the results are from Fact Finding, we know that it is the power of UPTE members organizing that force UC to do the right thing – and we’re going to continue building that power until we win everything we all deserve!