Handbook for Fair Pay

Handbook for Fair Pay

Employees without a union contract still have access (as do contract employees) to different methods of obtaining pay increases at UC. In fact, working without the benefit of a union contract with its guarantees of regular pay increases, these avenues may offer the best potential for obtaining pay increases.

Attached are links to information about reclassificationequity increases, and administrative stipends. Please refer to the overviews on these pages and then click on the campus-based links for campus-specific procedures for each item.

In addition to the procedures detailed on these pages, employees who want to increase their pay should take advantage of the following:

Look for promotional opportunities.  Read your campus’ job listings for transfer opportunities. Work your networks – colleagues around campus may learn of job opportunities in their departments before they’re posted through HR. Sometimes your best chance for a pay increase lies outside of your current department.

Take advantage of training opportunities. The campuses offer many free and low cost courses that can add to your skill sets. In addition, staff personnel policy promotes career development and authorizes use of up to 80 hours (10 days) of professional development per year (subject to scheduling, staffing, and budget, of course).

Enroll in classes at reduced fees. Didn’t quite get around to finishing your degree? A regular status employee who meets the admission requirements of the University is eligible for two-thirds reduction of both the University Registration Fee and the Educational Fee when enrolled in regular session courses of up to nine units or three courses per quarter or semester, whichever provides the greater benefit to the employee.