Hello From Your New Officers!

Dear All Represented at UPTE,

We are honored to have been sworn in as your new UPTE Officers and are confident that your President-elect, Dan Russell, will be sworn in as soon as CWA’s Executive Board rules on the matter. You can watch a video of our swearing-in here or down below:

We are excited to move swiftly to address the issues that really matter to you and rebuild our falling membership. Your ongoing participation will be key to our success, which is why we intend to keep you informed via regular electronic and in-person communication. One of our top priorities will be to ensure that every workplace has a representative who can proactively reach out to you and help address issues on a daily basis, with the support of UPTE staff and other member leaders.

Among the other important work that is already underway is:

  • Winning a fair contract at Lawrence Livermore Lab. Please join us on the picket line tomorrow!
  • Negotiating evening, night, and weekend differentials for our Healthcare (HX) Unit
  • Winning improved job security and wages for Adjunct Faculty
  • Bringing Systems Administrators and other job titles that should always have had the security of a contract into our union

We hope to be able to visit all of our campuses as soon as we are able in order to meet with you and understand what your most urgent needs are.

As the COVID-19 Delta variant continues to spread, we encourage all members to receive a vaccine as soon as possible, unless you are unable to for health or religious reasons. Time has only confirmed that the vaccines are safe and effective, while any side-effects are minor, especially compared to the increased danger that the virus poses.

Among our first orders of business will be to fill vacant UPTE staff organizer positions at UC Los Angeles, UC San Francisco, and UC Davis. We believe all UPTE members deserve the support and assistance necessary to address important workplace issues, contest unjust changes in employer policy, and effectively organize our co-workers to develop the power to make an impact on the issues important to us.

We’ll be back in touch soon and will make sure to keep you informed of our progress.

In Solidarity,

Ursula Quinn, Acting President

Matias Campos, Executive Vice President

Carole Netter, Treasurer

Matt Stephen, Secretary