Join UPTE!

Click on your employee group to join UPTE:

UC and LBNL:

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You may also download your form in a PDF:

To save our union money and speed your membership application, you may scan/photograph the form and email it to: You can also fax it to (510)-704-8065 or mail to PO Box 4443, Berkeley, CA 94704.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not automatically a member when you work at UC. You must fill out and send in a membership form to receive member benefits. If you are not sure if you are a member, send in a form just in case. 

Membership drive flyers:

As an UPTE-CWA member, you:

  • Make our union stronger when we bargain raises, benefits and other working conditions.
  • Unite to save our pension that UC wants to eliminate for many, weakening them for all.
  • Help determine bargaining demands.
  • Have a voice in our union and the right to elect leadership.
  • Receive the latest information about wage increases, benefit changes, and other important
    job-related news.
  • Can attend UPTE Academy classes and learn how to get a raise, know your rights, and much
    more. See
  • Can receive Union Privilege benefits including home loans, credit cards, consumer discounts
    and more. See