Legislative Action

Higher Education

AB 897 (Medina) – SUPPORT – quality work hours for non-tenured faculty – was made into a 2 year bill by the author. We get to support this bill in 2020 also!


SB 50 (Weiner)SUPPORT – building relief to address the housing crisis – was made into a 2 year bill by the author. We will be monitoring amendments to make sure affordable housing requirements are included, and could endorse based on amendments!


SB 386 (Caballero)OPPOSE – to undo some of the standards enshrined in SB 100 (The 100% clean energy by 2045 bill, authored by Kevin DeLeon) from last year – this bill was made into a two year bill and we will oppose it in 2020 too!


AB 1066 (Gonzalez) SUPPORT – unemployment insurance benefits for striking workers who are out on strike for more than four weeks – this law was made into a two year bill, stay tuned for further updates!

Other bills we have supported during the 2018 & 2017 legislative sessions:

  • SB715 (Galgiani): The Bill to Protect Pensions
  • AB500 (Gonzalez): The Bill for Paid Maternity Leave for School and Community College Employees
  • AB897 (Medina): For Improved Part-Time Faculty Teaching Loads
  • SB334 (Pan): The Bill for Increased Workforce Development
  • AB731 (Kalra): For Lower Health Care Premiums and Review of Unreasonable Rates to the Large Group Market
  • AB3087 (Kalra): The Bill for Improved California Health Care Cost, Quality, and Equity Commission
  • SCA 14 (Hernandez): The “Regent Reform” Constitutional Amendment
  • SB562 (Lara and Atkins): The Healthy California Act
  • AB310 (Medina): For Improved Part-Time Faculty Hours
  • AB848 (McCarty): The “STOP OFFSHORING ABUSE” bill
  • AB1038 (Bonta): Commission for Universal and Tuition-Free Higher Education
  • AB393 (Quirk-Silva): Reversing tuition and fee increases. All three segments of higher education would have their tuition and fees frozen at where they were on 12/31/2016
  • AB204 (Medina): Reinstating Community College Students’ Board of Governor’s fee waiver
  • SB54 (DeLeon): California becomes a Sanctuary State
  • AB 310 (Medina): Part Time Faculty Office Hours – reporting
  • SB 201 (Skinner): Collective Bargaining rights for Research Assistants at UC
  • SB 562 (Lara and Atkins): Single Payer Health Care for All in California

For questions or comments please contact UPTE-CWA’s Legislative & Political Director Amy Hines-Shaikh