Monday Memo: June 4

Week of June 4, 2018

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 5, is California’s primary election – take the time to get out there and vote, or return your mail ballot. Find polling locations and ballot drops here. Remember, most UPTE-represented employees get time off work to vote if needed.

See UPTE-CWA’s endorsements in key races, and check out the California Federation of Labor’s endorsements, as well as those of your local county labor council.

Meanwhile, a Supreme Court decision in the corporate-backed Janus case is expected soon, and could have far-reaching effects on unions by overturning decades of precedent supporting fair share fees in California and 21 other states, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Anti-union legal groups are planning to exploit an anti-worker ruling, reports the Guardian and the Sacramento Bee.

The best defense: reaffirm your support for UPTE now, and ask your coworkers to join you.

Unions across the nation have started a rethinking of organizing tactics in anticipation of the ruling, reports In These Times, Labor Notes, and the Guardian.

A separate Supreme Court decision last month forbid workers from bringing class action lawsuits against their employers, according to Current Affairs and the Atlantic.

The Daily Bruin reports that California legislators have announced a state constitutional amendment to restrict the authority of UC’s president, and restrict non-faculty salaries to no more than $200,000, which would mainly affect executives.

Public higher education in California may be in for a modest boost in funding via the state legislature, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Compelling new evidence that unions keep inequality in check, via the Nation.


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