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Week of July 2, 2018

The big news for public-sector unions is the Supreme Court’s Janus decision, which removes the “fair share” fee that non-members have had to pay to cover “the union’s costs of the collective bargaining from which all employees benefit,” as Linda Greenhouse explained in the New York Times. Although Bill Fletcher, Jr., in In These Times, says “the matter at stake had nothing to do with the First Amendment,” he believes “Janus is not the end of the story. It is simply the end of a chapter.” Another opinion writer in the New York Times said workers will have to “find new ways to build solidarity. We’re going to have to get bold again.”

UPTE has continued to grow in the face of the Janus decision. Why it has might have something to do with the extra 13% in wages that union workers earn in California compared to their non-union counterparts. Check out the first in a three-part series from UC Berkeley’s Labor Center.

HX Bargaining, San Diego

In other union news, a majority of Oregon State University’s “nearly 2,400 teaching and research faculty members in tenured, tenure-track and non-tenure-track positions, along with postdoctoral workers,” have been certified by the Oregon Employment Relations Board reports Inside Higher Ed.

Governor Brown signed the 2018–19 state budget with a $346.9 million increase in UC’s funding next year. The increase included $25 million in one-time funding for UC Berkeley’s operating deficit “after campus presents a plan to eliminate its deficit to the state Department of Finance and Joint Legislative Budget Committee.” Read about the details in the Daily Californian, the Daily Nexus, and the Los Angeles Times.


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