Essential Employees Bulletin


This bulletin contains important information for UPTE-represented Healthcare Professional (HX) workers regarding Essential Personnel and our upcoming strike in solidarity with AFSCME’s Patient Care Technical workers on October 23rd, 24th, and 25th.  We do not agree that any injunction is necessary and that all of our members should be able to strike but we will all need to work together to maximize strike participation and the impact of our strike while complying with the injunction. 

All UPTE-represented employees have a legally protected right to strike, except a small number of employees – a subset of those who work in in four classifications: Pharmacists, Clinical Laboratory Scientists, Nuclear Medicine Techs (except UCSF), and Recreation Therapists (UCSF only). If you are in any other title, you can and should be striking for all three days of the strike.

The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), will certify the list of enjoined employees three (3) days before the strike. An UPTE staff member or designated leader in your department will contact you directly if you are required to work during the strike. If you are not on the list – which will also be posted on UPTE’s website – we will SEE YOU ON THE PICKET LINE at 9 am on each day of the strike! The University has been given notice of our strike dates and has contingency plans in place.  

During the strike in May, the UC took advantage of the essential employees injunction in an attempt to spread confusion about who is permitted to strike.  So let us be clear: many Pharmacists, CLSs, Nuclear Med Techs, and Recreation Therapists will be permitted to strike, and it is very important that they do so.  If anyone, including your manager, informs you that you are expected to come to work, please contact your UPTE representative right away.

Within the small number of enjoined CLS, Pharmacists, Nuclear Med Techs, and Recreation Therapists (UCSF only), some employees will be enjoined just one or two days of the strike.  In that case, you are expected to report to work only on the specific days listed, and join the strike line on the other days. Additionally, you should not agree to work overtime or come in when you were not previously scheduled. Doing so will undermine our efforts in support of our AFSCME Patient Care Technical coworkers.