Open Enrollment: UPTE savings for UC Blue & Gold Plan in 2022

Open Enrollment: UPTE savings for UC Blue & Gold Plan in 2022

As you’ve likely already heard from UC, it is Open Enrollment season again. Unfortunately, UC did not publish the union rates for healthcare plan premiums – perhaps because they don’t want their non-represented employees to know the value of a union!

UPTE members won a $25 annual cap on monthly premium increases for UC Blue & Gold and Kaiser plans in our HXRX, and TX contracts. This year, the cap means up to a $22 monthly savings for those on a Blue & Gold family plan compared to non-union employees. This is at least a 0.5% monthly salary savings for anyone in the first pay band (making up to $61,000 annually). 

See the UPTE-represented costs by clicking here.

Unfortunately, UC did not make the cost increases progressive this year – meaning that the same $25 increase for someone in the first pay band hits many times harder than someone in the second or third pay band. UC is obligated to meet and discuss these and other concerns with UPTE and other unions.

UC’s higher premium increases on non-represented employees highlights the importance of maintaining a strong and active union – thank you for your contribution to that!

If you have concerns about UC’s changes to benefits or questions about your contractual rights, reply to this email. For questions about benefits or changes themselves, contact UC.

In Solidarity,

Dan Russell