Organize for Power Candidate Statements

Organize for Power Candidate Statements

Dan Russell, Local 1/UC Berkeley-UCOP, Technical Unit, Business Technology Support Analyst 3

I’ve served as your UPTE President since 2021 and have been an IT analyst at UC Berkeley since 2012. 

In just a few months, more than 150 of you have stepped up to be representatives for your colleagues in the new structure our Organize for Power team has set up to make sure that we are able to address the issues that matter to you and to prepare for our 2024 contract negotiations. We’ve also brought many new members into the process of negotiating wages at Mt San Jacinto College, won a strong contract at Lawrence Livermore Lab, and created three new statewide organizing staff positions to support members across the state.

For this election, we provided UPTE’s Election Committee with the support of a professional election firm so that we can end this embarrassing election fiasco and focus the Union’s resources fully on the issues that matter to you.

Vote for Ursula, Carole, Matt, Matias, and myself so that we can continue the important work of building a powerful, effective union. Visit to learn more about us!

Matias Campos, Local 7/UCSF, Healthcare Unit, Pharmacist

I have served as your Executive Vice President since Fall 2021 and have been a Pharmacist at UCSF since 2017.

I have also served as President of UPTE’s UCSF Local for more than a year and recently organized my colleagues to win a new, senior-level title that rewards commitment and expertise. I am excited to share my experiences with nearly 200 members who have stepped up to lead similar fights across the state as part of our member-representative structure. 

When I came to UCSF, my department was plagued by stress and staff turnover with no contact with UPTE, which I came to learn was the case in most departments. I was excited to get involved in UPTE but nervous we had so few experienced member-leaders. I convinced my colleagues to help me prepare a presentation for bargaining and, when that didn’t convince UC, I helped get them all out on strike and on the picket line for the first time!
I believe the Organize for Power team – Dan, Ursula, Matt, Carole, and I – will harness the potential of UPTE. Visit to learn more about my team and me!


Ursula Quinn, Local 2/UCLA, Healthcare Unit, Occupational Therapist

I’ve served as your Vice President since Fall 2021 and have been an Occupational Therapist at UCLA for over 20 years.

Since our Organize for Power team has taken office, dozens of you have stepped up to organize your co-workers. You’ve taken on fights for higher pay, career development, safe workloads, and more as we’ve set up the representative structure that we campaigned on last year. Already, we’ve had impressive victories that previously would have been relegated to full contract negotiations – if they were addressed at all – such as winning clear requirements for advancing to more senior titles in UCLA’s Rehab Department.

As a single mom renting in one of California’s most expensive cities, I depend on UC to provide job security & fair compensation. With inflation out of control, it is more urgent than ever that we build the power to make sure that we aren’t left behind when we negotiate our next contracts at UC, our Community Colleges, and National Labs.

Vote for me, Dan, Carole, Matt, and Matias to continue our important work of building a more powerful, effective union. Visit to learn more!

Matt Stephen, Local 7/UCSF, Healthcare Unit, Physician Assistant

I am a Physician Assistant at UCSF and have served as both the UCSF and systemwide Secretary since 2021. When I first got involved representing UPTE members on workplace issues in 2019, we had very few folks doing this work across the state. Since rolling out our organizing program consisting of regular meetings, trainings, and town halls – we’ve now recruited over a hundred members to represent their worksites and are building positive momentum across the state!

I grew up in Texas, a state where unions are rare. In high school, I learned how important unions were when my mom, a single parent who had struggled to pay the bills for years, got a good union job with the Post Office. I felt what the power of a strong union meant: stability and security – in a real way that I’ll never forget.

Dan, Ursula, Carole, Matias, and I have the experience, vision, and professionalism to build UPTE into a strong union. A stronger UPTE will directly benefit our lives, lead to better learning conditions at our campuses, and improve research, care, and health outcomes for our patients. Visit to learn more about our team!

Carole S. Netter, Local 2/UCLA, Healthcare Unit, Physical Therapist

I have practiced as a Physical Therapist at UCLA since 2010. I became involved in UPTE during our 2018 contract campaign, helping my therapist colleagues overcome distrust in UPTE due to lack of communication when we first joined UPTE.

Since August 2021 I have served as UPTE Treasurer, completing our 2021 audit and addressing recommendations made by our CPAs – some of which had been outstanding for years. Upon taking office, my team realized that UPTE hadn’t been using our funds to their potential and were able to create 3 new staff positions to support organizing efforts across the state, which have been crucial in supporting our new member representative structure.

The primary asset of a successful union is an informed and engaged membership. Strong finances – making sure that we are investing your dues in training opportunities and quality staff support – are essential to this. I am running for Treasurer with the Organize for Power team so your dues will be managed responsibly to build a more effective union. Visit to learn more about my team and get involved!