For public employees, being engaged in the political system that funds our jobs is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Join UPTE’s Political Action Fund (PAF), so your voice is heard in Sacramento and Washington, DC. 

UPTE does not use union dues to support candidates. We use PAF funds to elect candidates who share our values and will work to advocate for our interests. With your UPTE PAF contributions, here’s some of what we’ve done this year.

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Advocating for UPTE members and the university

  • Obtained letters from members of Congress supporting UPTE’s fight to save UCSF information technology jobs from overseas outsourcing by UC management. 
  • Organized support from legislators to undo the privatization of nuclear weapons research at Los Alamos and Livermore, where UPTE members work. 
  • Elected Senator Nancy Skinner in California’s District 9, a strong advocate for higher education and UC workers.
  • Helped pass a bill that strengthens job security for community college faculty (SB 1379).
  • Worked to pass California measures to raise revenue (Prop. 55) and enhance justice reforms (Prop. 57).
  • Precinct walked and phone banked for higher education champions in California who will support our goal of reclaiming tuition free higher education.
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UPTE members lobbying in Sacramento