Advocating for UPTE members and the university!:

  • Obtained letters from 28 legislative leaders supporting our striking members at UC. President Janet Napolitano received letters from Representatives Stone, Hueso, Calderon, Gloria, Quirk-Silva, Hernandez, Cooley, Gonzalez, Berman, Dodd, Leyva, McCarty, Ting, Garcia, Roth, Limon, Gipson, Weiner, Thurmond, Skinner, Burke, Jones-Sawyer, Chiu, Kalra, Carrillo, Rodriguez, and Chau.
  • Organized support from legislators to support UC workers and workers at community colleges who work in the scientific fields and understand the affects of climate change. Moved legislators to PASS SB 100! To get California into 100% clean energy by 2045.
  • Elected Tony Thurmond for Superintendent of Public Instruction in California. He is both a UC Regent (ex officio) and presides over several financial functions of the California Community Colleges.
  • Attempted to pass a bill that strengthens office hours for community college faculty (AB 310).
  • Worked to defeat attacks against the CLS profession in AB 1627 (Chen). Other measures made it through and we will work to defend our CLS brothers and sisters this year with the introduction of SB 334 (Pan).
  • Precinct walked and phone banked for higher education champions in California who will support our goals of UC for the MANY not the FEW.

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