Petition: Step Increase!

UPTE Petition for Good-faith Step Increases Now!

As healthcare, research, and technical workers at the University of California, we put our patients, students, and the public interest first every day on the job. We are professionals who keep UC moving forward, even as our wages fall further behind market-competitive levels.

We are aware that the UC recently issued step raises to registered nurses represented by the California Nurses Association (CNA), even though UC has not completed contract negotiations with CNA. While we remain concerned about UC’s failure to come to fair agreements with UC unions, including our own, we are gratified to learn that UC has reversed its position that employees do not need annual step increases.

Receiving good-faith step increases (and bonuses for employees at the maximum of their range) will send a strong message that UC values the contributions of its healthcare, research, and technical professionals. Such a small but meaningful gesture would demonstrate UC’s interest in raising employee morale and addressing the severe economic pressures we face while furthering UC’s mission and negotiating fair contracts.

Therefore we, the undersigned UPTE members, call on UC to immediately make an agreement with our bargaining representatives to extend step raises comparable to those received by CNA-represented employees to all UPTE-represented employees.