Recent Communications

Recent Communications

UC Negotiators Don’t Understand Behavioral Health

Your July 2022 Raise

SA’s Plan to Turn Up Pressure on UC Negotiations

Recap of “Advancing Our Careers” Town Hall

UC 2022 Emergency Paid Sick Leave Policy

Town Hall Update

We Need Action!

Our First Meeting with UC Over SysAdmin Accretion

We Did it! Our Contracts are Secured!

UPTE Stands Against Hate

UPTE Supports COVID-19 Vaccination

Curtailment Update

A Message from Your Union – 2/12/2021

Address Verification

State of the Union – 1/14/2021

Making a Difference This November

Zone Contact & Union Builder Trainings

Petition UC for a Fossil-Free Energy Plan

Late or Unpaid Wages

About Upcoming UPTE Raises

UPTE Resolution on Policing – Submitted by UPTE Peace & Justice Committee

Your UPTE Raise is Coming

Black Lives Matter

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Support UC Graduates! The Rent is Too Damn High!

Will You Help Bernie Win in California?

UPTE for Bernie!

Official Report of the UPTE 2020 Presidential Endorsement Committee

We Stopped UC’s Pay Cut!

November 13th Solidarity!

Pay Raises are Coming!

Fighting Hard for IT Workers

Contracts Ratified!

Polling Locations for Tentative Agreement

Congratulations! We Have a Tentative Agreement!

Bargaining Update: 7/22

Major Movement at the Bargaining Table!

July 2-3 Bargaining Report

HX/RX/TX Negotiations Update

HX Negotiations Extended to June 17th, RX/TX to 18th/19th

Solidarity Wins! UC Blinks on 401k with AFSCME

June Bargaining Dates for HX, RX, and TX!
We Are Stronger Together!

We Will Win a Fair Contract – Because We Will Keep Fighting!

Our Fight is Worth it – Why Does UC Want Us To Give Up?

Report on Healthcare Professionals (HX) Fact Finding

May 16: ULP Strike Against Outsourcing!

Stopping UC’s Illegal Outsourcing Offensive, Town Hall Friday at 6PM

BTSA’s Deserve a Contract, Not More Misinformation

Outsourcing is UC’s Plan to Break Our Power!

Implementation FAQ: We Deserve Contracts, Not More Tricks!

UC Imposing Less than 1.5% – Our Fight Isn’t Over

Solidarity Will Win!

Stand Up to UC’s Lies and Intimidation

UC Knows How Important the April 10 Strike is – Will You Join Us?

We Have to Stand Up to UC’s Unfair and Unlawful Behavior

UPTE on Strike! April 10

Media Coverage of the March 20 Strike: The Pressure of our Campaign is Mounting!