Recent Communications

Recent Communications

November 13th Solidarity!

Pay Raises are Coming!

Fighting Hard for IT Workers

Contracts Ratified!

Polling Locations for Tentative Agreement

Congratulations! We Have a Tentative Agreement!

Bargaining Update: 7/22

Major Movement at the Bargaining Table!

July 2-3 Bargaining Report

HX/RX/TX Negotiations Update

HX Negotiations Extended to June 17th, RX/TX to 18th/19th

Solidarity Wins! UC Blinks on 401k with AFSCME

June Bargaining Dates for HX, RX, and TX!
We Are Stronger Together!

We Will Win a Fair Contract – Because We Will Keep Fighting!

Our Fight is Worth it – Why Does UC Want Us To Give Up?

Report on Healthcare Professionals (HX) Fact Finding

May 16: ULP Strike Against Outsourcing!

Stopping UC’s Illegal Outsourcing Offensive, Town Hall Friday at 6PM

BTSA’s Deserve a Contract, Not More Misinformation

Outsourcing is UC’s Plan to Break Our Power!

Implementation FAQ: We Deserve Contracts, Not More Tricks!

UC Imposing Less than 1.5% – Our Fight Isn’t Over

Solidarity Will Win!

Stand Up to UC’s Lies and Intimidation

UC Knows How Important the April 10 Strike is – Will You Join Us?

We Have to Stand Up to UC’s Unfair and Unlawful Behavior

UPTE on Strike! April 10

Media Coverage of the March 20 Strike: The Pressure of our Campaign is Mounting!