Request for Reclassification Review:

  • Obtain a copy of your original job duties.
  • Obtain a copy of the “series concept” for your job classification or of the classification you are requesting to be promoted to from Campus Human Resources or from the web.
  • Write out in detail your current actual job duties. It will be helpful to accurately break down these duties on a percentage basis.
  • Compare your current duties to the original duties listed in your job description and to the job duties described in the series concept. There must be a significant difference (>20%) in the duties for the compensation analyst to look favorably on the reclassification.
  • You must use the template provided by UC to fill out your reclassification request. This is available on the UC Human Resources website.
  • Write a letter to your manager/supervisor requesting to be reclassified based on the increased job duties. Include the additional job duties you are performing on a separate piece of paper and a copy of the original job description in your package. Also, be sure to request a timeframe for their response.
  • Request a meeting with your Supervisor to discuss your request. If your Supervisor is supportive they will forward your request to a compensation specialist at Labor Relations who will review and either approve or deny the reclassification based on the information above. You must perform the job duties at least 20% of the time. Increased workload that includes your same job duties will not qualify you for reclassification. Increased job duties and performing at a higher level will qualify.
  • Always request timeframes. Allow 4-6 weeks for a reply to your reclassification request.
    Make sure that if necessary, the start date for the reclassification be retroactive to an
    agreed upon date.
  • In terms of how much of a raise to request, any increase up to and including 15% does not
    need additional approval (from Deans or Department heads). The maximum allowable
    increase is 25%.
  • If your supervisor is not supportive you may forward your request to Campus Human Resources on your own for review.