Benefits: UC Retirement Plan


For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, go to our Retirement FAQ page.

For more information about the UC Retirement Plan, see this presentation.

For a comparison of our existing pension plan with UC’s new proposal to undermine it, see this flyer.

UPTE-CWA’s Position on Pension:

  1. Joint governance of pension fund.
  2. No pay increase, no contribution. 0% pay increase + pension contribution = no future
  3. Management has not contributed for 19 years and taken money out (CAP) to make up for pay increases we didn’t get. What happened to all that money? Management should start making contributions first.
  4. We are already 20% to 30% behind market rates and can’t afford more pay cuts to pay for pension plan.
  5. Can’t afford to lose another billion through the privatization of our pension fund, increased management fees, and high risk investments like Enron.
  6. Secure pension are important to us and we would be willing to make contributions if absolutely necessary and if UC pays its fair share.