United For All Candidate Statements

United For All Candidate Statements

Jamie McDole
This election is about your next best contract and who will represent ALL of UPTE’s members. Good contracts require strong membership. UPTE’s membership has dropped every month
since I left office.

Effective negotiations require a leader knowing how and when to use strength to move the employer, when a strike can help and when to make a deal. My opponent will waste your dues on endless strikes, not knowing how to close the deal.

My final fight in office was for your pandemic Hazard Pay, including preparing members to lobby the capital. The current officers stopped negotiations and walked away, taking money from your pocket.

And YOUR dues are being wasted.

Wasted on attorneys doing work that trained members have successfully handled, and making decisions our president should be confident making.

As a nurse 23 years, 14 at UC Davis, I’ve learned to advocate for all. As president and chief negotiator, we won the best contracts in UPTE’s history at UC, historic pay increases of 29-32%. I helped mediate the contract at Mt. San Jacinto College, supported bargaining at Butte and College of Sequoias, and helped members at Lawrence Livermore National Lab to a successful first strike and good contract.

Daniel Thompson
I am an energetic and passionate educator with more than twenty-two years of experience teaching government, politics, and public policy.  Having taught college-level Political Science for twelve years, including at Butte College for the last eight years, I would apply strong organizational skills and mastery of parliamentary procedure, in order to ensure that all subsequent Systemwide Executive Board (SWEB) meetings are properly run with full transparency and honesty.  In 2019, I became the youngest ever member of the Butte College Academic Senate and, within a semester, was selected as the Senate Parliamentarian because of my demonstrated expertise.
No more trickery, abuse of Robert’s Rules of Order, or rapid-fire changes made without the time to fully debate (or even comprehend) what is occurring!  We should not be wasting money on excessive legal fees, or hiring unnecessary management, when we already have qualified members to do the work. 
I am a local Governing Board member of the Part-time Faculty Association (PFA) union and the representative for Chapter 12 on SWEB.  If elected, I would ensure that all Community College chapters have a voice and are adequately represented in UPTE.  Therefore, I respectfully request your vote.

Joaquin Chavez
In the past year, the leadership of our union has been busy running off many of our most dedicated activists, stewards, and leaders. They’ve concentrated power in fewer hands, ignored the votes of your elected campus representatives, and vested more authority with unelected staff. They’ve hidden financial information while tripling the ranks of managers on the union’s payroll and sabotaging our member-led bargaining teams.

We won our contracts through the participation of thousands of UPTE members: not just as bodies on the picket line, but as thinking, decision-making members of our union. A union is built through developing the skills and knowledge of its membership, and the failure to distribute power and knowledge is a central cause of the decline of the labor movement. Our union can’t escape that reality.

Democracy is power. Members treated as props or as mere tools will not care enough about our union’s future to fight for it. Above all, if I return to the office of Vice President, my goal will be to give each of you the information and the insight into the challenges before us so that we can all make UPTE better – together.

Jason Rosenbury

I type 60 words per minute, and got an A+ in 9th grade typing, with no skill erosion since.  GIVE ME YOUR VOTES, AND I WILL TAKE UPTE’S NOTES.

As a voting member of the board, I will work to get a better deal for UPTE’s members.  The new, divisive, internal politics of UPTE helps no one, and distracts from our mission.

Since 2008, I have been an HX unit member at UCSF, where I am a social worker in the children’s emergency department.  I have been an HX bargainer since 2011, steward since 2017, Local 7 San Francisco president from 2018 to 2020, and HX Coordinator from September 2019 to May 7, 2022.  I have also handled PERB matters related to RX, TX, and Butte College.  I am loyal to the UPTE mission of a member-run union, and to you, the members of UPTE.

I will vote to use your union dues wisely.  Incumbent leaders have tripled management, and needlessly wasted money on lawyers.  WASTING YOUR MONEY IS NOT FUNNY.  I will vote to keep your dues low, and save for when we strike to again get our best contracts ever.

Shanna Vela
No matter what your political beliefs, YOU DESERVE financial transparency on your union dues and a union that works for YOU! As the only union treasurer with years of experience in this race running to be the next Treasurer, this is my specialty!

I am running for UPTE-CWA Treasurer because every member deserves to easily know where their dues are being spent and to hold the board accountable to our MEMBERS!
I have been a faculty member for 20 years and a union leader working as a mobilizer and negotiating multiple contracts. I have been transparent and responsible with YOUR dues as a treasurer making sure we have the financial needs to support strong contract campaigns for higher raises, safety and working conditions. I have supported members at our strike lines and in bargaining for UC and Lawrence Livermore Lab. I have worked with local unions across the nation to advise them on their financial and bookkeeping needs.  I have recruited, mentored others and trained members to make our union STRONGER.

Trust YOUR dues to work for YOU with an experienced treasurer, vote Shanna Vela!