We are Winning! UPTE Swag Day Tomorrow, Friday 6/28

Thousands of UPTE members’ action and sacrifice have finally forced significant concessions from UC after more than 2 years of negotiations.

The Regents’ reversal on their dangerous and divisive ‘Retirement Choice’ proposal – which UC negotiators had previously indicated was their most important issue in bargaining – removes one major barrier to a fair contract.

We remain optimistic that we can come to agreement at our negotiations. However, we are committed to continuing to fight for as long as it takes to get the kind of contract that our members deserve.

Wear your UPTE shirts, buttons, lanyards, and other swag to work tomorrow, Friday the 28th, to show UC that you are committed to continuing the fight for a fair contract for as long as it takes!

Send pictures of you and your co-workers to your local UPTE staff person and post on social media with the following hashtags!