UPTE Systems Administrators’ Bargaining Update

Below is the latest information about UPTE Systems Administrators’ contract negotiations. 

UPTE Contract Proposal 1 – August 12, 2021

FAQ about Proposal 1 – August 12, 2021 

Why do we have a lump sum in our proposal?

  • This is solely money missed solely based on Contract. Due to California law, this is treated differently from missed raises. This is a one time payment to “make you whole” and treated as such. Money lost is treated separately from lost raises.  

Will we be pushing for all the raises included in the main TX contract?

  • Yes! We have two sections, back pay and pay scales for a reason. 

What about base salary increases/equities?

  • Missed raises, equities, and cost of living are all factors in our proposed steps and pay scales. 

What can you do? 

  • Do ask the SA bargaining team and LDCs directly if you have questions, we might not be able to answer your questions right away, but we will answer and welcome your comments and concerns.
  • Do sign petitions. The goal is to get a good contract. The University acts very differently when they know there is strong support versus when they think there is weak support.
  • Do show up to bargaining sessions. The University is scared of observers, if it did not make a difference, the University would have spent two meetings trying to block the public from attending meetings via ground rules. The University can be held to things they say at the bargaining table. There is nothing legally stopping them from saying whatever they want on communications sent via email.
  • Even if you just keep Zoom on in the background while doing your normal day to day activities it shows strength. These things take some time, so do not expect any exciting resolutions from a single meeting. Some bargaining meetings like the one on July 26th, will be very boring, but if boredom is the price to pay to get good wages and everything else in our proposal, so be it
  • Do join UPTE as a member if you are not already one. Union membership is one of the largest things that scares the University.
  • Do talk to your coworkers and other SAs at your campus. The more people we get off the fence and aware of what is going on, the fewer shenanigans the University can pull.